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First I had double pneumonia, doctor realeased me too early. The medical staff at my plant would not let me return to work for 3 weeks after.

Cigna got away with only paying me for 1 week! They said that since my doctor released me, I had to prove a further complication to open a new claim. Now, I have been off for 3 months with a severe chemical imbalance (probably due to stress), accompanied with chronic debilitating migraines. I had to check myself into a behavioral hospital to get them to pay at all, then they insisted I had to follow up with a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist refused to fill out the leave paperwork so they denied my claim. I appealed and sent paperwork from my general practitioner.

They totally disregarded the gp's notes, saying they didn't follow the proper format! Now I am about to lose my job, my health insurance, and my house!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

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I am SOOO sorry for asll the BS you've been through. Been through a lot of it myself with these thugs at Cigna.

Get an attorney if it's not too late these people LIE like a cheap rug, all over the place! Your Doc probably filled the form out just fine, it was a BBBUUULLLLLSSHHHIIITTTT EXCUSE the made up to ***!

You are NOT paranoid! They do this to the VAST majority of disability claimants and have more class action and other lawsuits against them than you could count! Why do they do it? Because most people especially those that are broke or depressed can not get an attorney or will simply GIVE UP and not seek an attorney. It is NOT INSURANCE at CIGNA, it is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!


I had a heart attack Jan 6th this year 95% blockage and other 3 75%. 95 was repaired with stint.

cigna has refused short term disability. Going for stress test Mon and will do other stints next week. How can they turn you down when the doc has said no work for 6 wks.

Why do I even have this coverage if they are not going to stand behind me. no money to pay bills or buy food not even to meet the copay

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