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Cigna- The C is for Cowardly. The I for Inhumanity The G- for Gutless, The N- for Nonchalant, The A-for the Administrators.

I would like to take a moment to say 'Thank you' to my insurance company (Cigna)they truly believe in their mission to serve the community by providing excellent healthcare and supportive services to their 'Financial pockets' excuse me, I mean to their clients in their time of need. I was diagnosed with glaucoma, cataracts and a host of other eye diseases at the age of 19. After many years of battling the diseases, I lost the battle and had an enucleation of my left eye. Through all my trials and tribulations I went on to successfully serve the public(working) for past 30 years . I went back to graduate school and received my Masters degree and I had the privilege and honor to work in the community in the health department

until I became unable to work in September,2015. I begin to experience visual difficulties with my sole remaining eye. The ophthalmologist along with my primary care physician restricted all my driving privileges. My vision was measured at 20/400. My inability to drive severely impacted my professional career as a Social worker, my personal life and my personal freedoms. The inability to drive myself to the supermarket, work, or the doctor was life changing. It was life-changing and extremely depressing. Not to mention the psychological impacts and the fear of losing my sole remaining eye. Instead of being able to seek the medical services that I need without worry,I have had to spend hours trying to gather information for Cigna from each and every doctor that I have seen during the last month. During the month of September, I applied for short-term disability through CIGNA. This has been an extremely humiliating experience. My time is filled with anxiety,

depression and worry. I have spent hours contacting the receptionist at the doctors office attempting to get them to give the form to the doctors to complete as they provide services to the hundreds of other patients on their caseload. A Cigna representative that I spoke to on Friday, October 16, 2015, advised me that she sent the request to the (Neuro-

ophthalmologist)office three times. Commenting that they have failed to respond to their request. I question the need for the same form to be completed when the form was just filled out the previous week before by two doctors, a licensed ophthalmologist and my primary care physician. It appears that if I see 20 doctors in one week the form must be completed by all 20 doctors. I pondered why is it that the medical records which contain all the information they need does not suffice. My desire is to concentrate solely on my healing and well-being not on whether or not my short-term disability will assist me in my time of need. I have been examined by four physicians. The doctors are as follows: my primary care physician,Two ophthalmologist and one Neruo- ophthalmologist. They are all attempting to determine what is the cause of my blindness. The condition has not changed or improved as the doctors casenotes specify that information . My last appointment was October 14, 2015, with the Neuro- ophthalmologist. I was referred for an MRI. My follow-up appointment is November 2, 2015. There has been no change in my vision and the MRI is the next step. The short-term disability department was provided information from my primary care physician and the ophthalmologist. Each of the four physicians have been required to submit their case notes which I have no problem obtaining. The issues have been the filling out of the disability claim form from each and every physician. I would like to paint a picture for you. Close your eyes(that's my world,darkness)

and imagine that after meeting a physician for the first time you walk through the door with a form for them to complete for disability. Charming approach at building a rapport in the doctor and patient relationship. I'm blind, I'm scared I don't know what's going on with me, but please complete this disability form so I'm not eating cat food and I can still pay my rent.

The information that Cigna is requesting for 'a diagnosis is not available at this current time due to the circumstances and the need for further testing. I had my first appointment with the Neruo- ophthalmologist on October 14, 2015. They requested and forwarded the request to the Neruo-Ophthalmologist on October 1, 2015. I had not even had an opportunity to step foot into his office and they were requesting that he complete a disability form on the patient that he had not examined. They requested he complete the form two weeks before he even had the opportunity to examine me. I would like to add this very important fact:this particular specialist is one of two in the area and he squeezed me in for this appointment because my previous doctor asked him to do this as a favor so I could avoid the six-month waiting list based on the fact that I am a single vision person who has had numerous eye disease in the past. The only thing that a patient can take from this type of behavior is that Cigna is trying to deny my short-term disability by inputting wedges and making it very user unfriendly for clients in their time of need. Humanity,dignity words of encouragement those are not the services that I have been provided by Cigna. Instead I have been made to feel like the dribs of society and that I am begging for crumbs for my very existence. The amount per week of my premium should be $641.09. Which Amounts to 67% of my biweekly salary.

Today I have received two weeks pay at the rate of $641.00. The finally letter from Cigna date October 11, 2015 gracefully assuring me that there would be no future checks based on the lack of documentation. Thank you for the reality check. I'd like to end with the painful truth that I hope will help others who may find themselves in a similar situation. After paying thousands of dollars for my insurance premium for over a decade If I would have invested the money that I paid Cigna I would have been investing in myself....


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had a lower lumbar spinal fusion 2 years ago. (Thank God it was still while we had BCBS) My husband changed employment thus insurance changed as well. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and FIBRO. Something did not feel right after I fell off a step stool a few months back.

I wasn't sure if I was just sore or if I had, in fact, dislodged a rod or screw. Luckily everything was in tact however they did find that I will need to have two more levels done ( doc is surprised I'm not paralyzed at this point) They charged me $400 for x-rays. I know for a fact being in the medical field for 15 years that x-rays, at the most, cost around $10. (There again Saline only costs hospitals and physicians around $1-$1.50 per bag.

yet they charge over $200 for it. Just go sit in the ocean or a salt water pool.... it's free) When I disputed this with Cigna their response was: "we received no dispute. the charges stand.

Maybe if you would not have wasted time having x-rays done for no reason we wouldn't be having this conversation." I am curious: Wonder what would be found in a deep dive of their financials and independent records?

wonder how much would have to paid in a law suit? Someone seriously needs to shut this company down!!!!!

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