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CIGNA is the worst insurance ever. We do not have an in network dentist in our area so when I need a nightgard I called and ask what our benefits were for that service with our dentist.

Oh, we will pay 80% and yes I wrote the persons name down that verified this information. Well CIGNA will only paid 50% because the dentist that I asked about providing the service was out of network. Why didn't the person who verified this benefit and the dentist tell me that when I was verifying before the service was done? I think that CIGNA is a sloppily run business that is out to make a buck (or keep from paying) any way they can.

They are not customer friendly nor do they pay benefits on time. If you can avoid them as a benefits provider you should by all means. I am going to start asking my employer to please find another dental benefit provider for our company.

It took five years of lobbing to get a health insurance provider other than CIGNA but the employee stuck together and complained loudly, so now we tackle the dental side of our benefits hopefully it won't take as long to get another provider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Dental Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $565.

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After paying on a disability policy with CIGNA for 43 years, and having Social Security approve the disability, CIGNA if refusing to pay. They have jerked my husband around for 8 months.

They are out of the office for a week, they had a fire in thier building, they haven't heard from the Dr. they have refused the claim. My husband has renal failure, had a transplant, and because of the drugs is now experiencing liver function problems, has developed neuropathy in his lower extemities. If S.S.

has found him disabled, and supposedly CIGNA works under the same guidelines, why the disallowed?

They are a rip off company and everyone should beware dealing with them. Now we will be out the expense of a lawyer just to get them to pay.


If you knew they were out of your dental coverage network then why did you go to them? It sounds like you are on a PPO plan, which means that you self direct yourself.

Which means that it is up to you to find out if they dentist is in or out of network. I am sure the person asked you and you just replied yes they were in network because you didn't want to look yourself or ask them to look.

@well duh

Who's side are you on anyway. It's obvious from the many comments that have been posted that they are a very corrupt company.

This is the worst insurance company that I have every had the pleasure of working for and also being a claims processor for, if you really knew what was going on, you surely change your views on this company. It would not have even matter if the dentist was in network or not, the claim would have either been denied or very slow to process.


Cigna's healthcare and level of customer service is beyond bad. I have been in the hospital three times since my company picked up Cigna as its healthcare plan and the rediculousness that I have had to suffer through just to get bills paid is beyond unforgiveable.

The Open Access plan clearly states that they pay 90% of the bill - BUT - good luck getting them to do that in a timely manner or for hospitalizations or emergencies. I have bill collectors calling me on a weekly basis since I signed onto their plan. The problem is they recieve a bill and do not take the time to decipher what the bill was created for - they actually told me that they wouldn't cover the hospital supplied pediatrician or the anesthesiologist at the hospital I gave birth in because those two people were out of network - um HELLO - the hospital is IN network and therefore the employees that treated me should also be. Their explaination.

.. "the way the bill is written makes it look like you chose an out of network doctor." Well lets see - if I am in the hospital giving birth than don't you think a reasonable person would assume that all of the activities surrounding that event that were billed on the same day would be related?!!??! Basically they say - we know its silly but call the hospital and get them to rebill and if you would like to appeal than you need to wait a week for us to send you an appeal form and on and on. I don't know if they are directed to make it so hard to get answers or if they just don't invest in employee training but its endless hours on the phone, endless appeals, and endless calling billing departments which in my opinion is doing work for them ..


its like I have a second job as a third party billing company thanks to Cigna's poor customer service. Don't sign up if you can help it!


Cigna is truly awful. We are approaching the one year mark that they have been yanking us around on a small claim -- less than $200.

They've never given us a reason or sent us any paperwork explaining why this isn't being handled. We've spent hours on the phone and been promised a response...nothing. We finally filed a complaint with the division of insurance and they have already missed the first deadline the state gave them to respond. The fine they face is more than the claim.

We will definitely tell our employer we need someone else. Are they really this evil or are they just unbelievably incompetent?Awful!

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