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Cigna subscribers are now required to purchase medications they use frequently...from CIGNA. I was on hold for 15 minutes (don't have to wait on hold for MY pharmacy), had to dance with the auto-phone (don't have to do that at MY pharmacy, they know me there), and when it was all said and done, they sent the wrong size medication, ordered for my husband, to my SON'S doctor. Not our home, not the prescribing doctor, but my SON'S pediatrician. Did they pay for their mistake? Of course not.

But this is what you have to go through, unless you want to pay the outrageous full-price for your drugs at a pharmacy. Oh, and you'd better make sure you don't have anything interesting going on in your life. Because you can't call your Doctor and say, "ack! I just noticed I'm out of my allergy meds and we were thinking of going camping, do you think you could call them in to CVS so I can grab them up before we run up to the lake?" No, you need to be on top of things, call in to Cigna's pharmacy, wait on hold for 15 minutes, HOPE they can figure out what you want, and hey. Maybe, they'll be there when you get back. Or maybe, they'll have sent them to someone else, instead.

I really, really hate the state of health care in this country. And I really, really hate Cigna.

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I posted this on Facebook “Cigna delays and denies disability”


Cigna is horrible.


I was just charged 465.00 to my bank account for 3 prescriptions they claim I gave authorization on.

After 5 phone calls to CIGNA customer service I was still denied my money back.

They refuse to allow me copies of the recordings of phone calls they claim I ordered the meds on.

I am forced to use this service for my medicines. Ordering 3 month supplies of medicine for 4 people at a time can drain a budget fast.

I HATE CIGNA and would NEVER recommend them to anyone.


I am a Cigna employee and I have to say that their customer service is the worst. The pharmacy department has made me cry on multiple occasions. My bosses love me, but I have no respect for this company.




My wife had been enrolled with Cigna Rx for FOUR months and not one bill for the coverage until two weeks ago when we received a past due bill (s). It was payed in full for two weeks and still getting past due bills.

Contacted Cigna( after 30 min on hold) and yes they finally found the paymet in full to the account.

I tried to auto pay from checking account but no luck. Cigna wanted me to send them a check so they could read the routing number and account number off the check. Spoke to a supervisor that said I couldn't do it on line and they don't take infor over the phone?

Well guess what Cigna? Enrollment for 2015 is now and I won't be choosing Cigna anything again.

Hate Cigna


cigna sucks


I am dealing with this exclusive home delivery *** as well. They don't even give me the option to fill locally. What ***.


Kappy, you nailed it. I was prescribed a 90 day dose of heart meds by my doctor.

When I got to the pharmacy, I was told that CIGNA limits prescriptions to 30 days worth of meds. When I rang CIGNA to try to have this policy adjusted, I was told that I could only get 90 days supply if I used the CIGNA home delivery service. I refused to have my meds held to ransom & be blackmailed into using the CIGNA pharmacy on principle. Now I have the same issue with travel plans.

I can only refill my now monthly prescription 3 days before the previous one expires. So if I take a 2 week overseas trip on the 3rd week of the prescription cycle, I will not have meds for the entire second week of the trip. Meds that I have been told by my doctor to never stop taking!

I am feeling trapped by this purposely restrictive policy, not to mention the unfair trade practices being pursued by CIGNA to force pharmacy customers to their pharmacy & away from regular brick & mortar pharmacies that I would rather deal with. Yes, health care sucks in this country & with health care (profit care) companies like CIGNA, it's no wonder!


If you think that the company themselves is awful you should see some of the people they hire. Example: I the Visalia CA office there is a male employee with the initials RG who sexually harasses his fellow female employees.

When they complain to management about it or even to him, he blackmails them into quitting or he lies about what he did and has them fired. He has been there for 6 years so management believes him over a newly hired employee. If he thinks a female member/caller sounds "hot" he will write her phone number down ( he gets it out of her personal information file, and calls them in the middle of the night drunk and tries to have phone sex/jack off via phone.

And if a female member/client sends in pics of herself of *** for medical records, he prints these pics off and takes them home to use as a form of ***. These are the types of people CIGNA hires to process your claims and to take your phone calls.

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