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never got paid by Cigna. Two years later I got Social Security Disability but Cigna thought I was fully capable of working.

What a horrible company. If anyone is considering a law suit I will be glad to testify.

Original review posted by user Aug 28, 2008

I had a back operaton on 04/29/08. I have paid for long term disability for CIGNa Insurance for 7 years.

The normal recovery time for the procedure I had is

3 to 6 months. Cigna thought I should have been back to work in 2 weeks. This is totally insane.

I have as yet not been paid and am at the end of my rope as I have lost the job I had. I have filed an appeal, but have gotten a royal run around. I don't know what to do next . Please help! My dcotor would not ok me to return to work until the end of July ( 3 months)

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $4358.

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I had disc replacement and fusion Aug -10. Have not been able to return to work nor will for another yr at least.I am leary of using Adv 2000.

feedbck plez


Cigna makes us gives us depression!!!


I had recieved LTD from Cigna and they helped me thru Advantage 2000 to get SSD and about 5 months after recieving it they stopped my payments and said that I could work again after Dr. stating that I can not work anymore.

That was because I was almost at the two year mark were they would have to pay me until the age of 65.

So I am in the process of filinf another appeal and have turned them into the Insurance General from our state and they are investagating. How is your coming?

@ripprd off also

I am having the same exact issue is you. I'm paralyzed in one of my arms.

CIGNA however has decided that my arm could be used for work even though it does not work.this decision by them is also coming at the two-year mark. Social Security has decided that I am disabled but CIGNA does not want to accept it.


I've continued to have a problem with my Cigna rep for two months now. Still no resolution and no disability check.

I am considering filing a lawsuit. Cigna realizes that common people have no money to fight them. If I can find a lawyer to take the case, I'm ready. My doctor is on my side and is fighting for me also.

What more do they want? They aren't my care giver. I'm facing Neurosurgery. What is the problem here.

It's a cut and dry case. It all stems from what representative you are dealt. Some of them are real *** and they care not one bit for people. Mine is a prime example of such.

I paid into Cigna for 6 years to avoid bankruptcy if anything happened to me. Now look. If I wasn't in fear of a libel or slander suit being filed against ME, I'd give his name in a heart beat. All you can do is keep fighting.

They seem to care less.

It's messed up. :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh


Cigna is *** insurance , total *** ola. never accept them ever, they are ripping everyone off

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