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I was employed by Konica Minolta and my department was dissolved in January 2010. Konica paid for my insurance for 1 month and paid the supplemental cobra through ADP to Cigna.

I am over 65 but because I was employed by a large company I paid $700 a month in premiums for me and my spouse. In February 2010 I fell and broke my knee. Cigna was still in force as the primary provider. They paid part and then demanded their money back from health providers, saying that because I did not carry Part B they were not responsible in any way for paying my claims.

Medicare told me that as long as I was paying the insurance I would not need Part B

and after my layoff, I couldn't carry Part B and still keep Cobra.

In May I started Part B, cancelling my Cobra, which was too expensive to maintain with the Part B premiums added. My daughter, who is a nursing home administrator has informed me that Cigna has the worst reputation in the health care community for paying claims and told me of her multiple experiences concering Cigna claims.

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Sorry, typo, "entitled" to. Please email us with your concerns. Again, our email address is @ SCR_isolve@cigna.com


We would be happy to take a look at your plan and see what reimbursements you are intitled to. Please email us @ SCR_isolve@cigna.com


Cigna is a snake of a company !!

They will rope a *** you for years.

They will use any and every offset from other income sources that you may have I.E. (unemployment, welfare, workers comp. SSDI etc)

They will never voluntarily paid you what you thought you had coming.and at some point will not even return your calls. You will need a lawyer to get it out of them and then if you are very lucky you will receive 1/3 of the funds you deserve. Then the lawyers will take at least 35 % of that and the IRS will tax you on the rest...

and this will all take you between 2 and 3 years.

The mafia couldn't think up a better scam.

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