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I pay $800 a month for insurance through my employer. I am forced to use Cigna's home delivery pharmacy.

Every dealing I have with Cigna or the pharmacy turns into an argument. They don't support their clients, they read from a script and they obviously do not care about the patient. They recently refused to fill a Rx at a local pharmacy because I had it filled locally 3 times over 2 years ago. I was leaving town and needed it asap but they refused to help.

I left town without my medicine.

Then upon arriving home, they had sent me Rx hat I nor the doctor called for a refill (I haven't taken this Rx for over a year), they want me to pay $60 for it and refuse to allow me to return. I have not dealt with such reoccuring poor customer service in my life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan #744211

education is essential... its your employer who elects how your benefits are set up.

so its your employer FORCING you to use home delivery, not the insurance company.

believe if you weren't forced to used home delivery your premiums would probably be $1600 a month. and pretty sure either you or your dr had to of ordered the rx, considering they do not automatically fill anything and i'm sure if you called they told you this so either you, a family member ordered it or your dr sent in an rx.

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