Under the Affordable Care Act, several preventive medications are now available for free. But good luck finding out about this or what medications qualify if you have Cigna.

I scoured the website that patients are sent to -- nothing. I then spent an hour on the phone with them until they begrudgingly gave me an html address (not on the mycigna.com site) that, surprise!, listed all the free preventive medications. No one at Cigna could tell me why the information was not available on the website used by patients.

I have not tried to get any of these meds at no-cost yet, but I'm sure Cigna will fight back. Technically, they may be complying with the law, but they sure don't make it available to their customers.

I won't even go into the pharmacy bait and switch they did on me last year. It might make my head explode to revisit it.

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