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I ordered generic drugs from Cigna Pharmacy which should have cost $14. Instead brand name drugs were shipped at a cost of $100. I was told the generic was no longer available so they sent brand name drugs without my consent. Customer service was extremely rude (yelling). I was told my account could not be credited until i returned drugs (which I had not received yet). They had no problem charging my account without my consent, but wouldn't do anything until drugs were returned. I was disconnected from Customer Service after 20 minutes on hold.

I just want people to know who they are dealing with if they choose to use the Cigna pharmacy service. I have never had a problem using the local pharmacy and will never use Cigna again.

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OH LOOK! :p ANother member of the CLOWN POSSE!

:grin PAID TROLLS :upset to make it look like Cigna cares :cry sweet, but a total LIE! :( Cigna doesn't give a flip about its customers. Cigna screws them every chance it gets!

:sigh WAKE UP PEOPLE! :eek

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I would be more than happy to assist if you could please send me your contact info to

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