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I had a an echocardiogram at Jennersville Regional Hospital in Jennersville, PA in April 2011. Cigna wasn't paying an $85 OB/GYN fee for bogus reasons so I checked to see how much they paid for this test.

I couldn't believe that it was more than $10,000. Yes, ten thousand dollars. I checked several sites to see how much this should have cost and it should have been about $1,000. I called Cigna and was told that it must be ok because it was approved and paid.

I had a second echocardiogram at another, much bigger hospital a few months later and the bill was $850.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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HOW do you think they reward the shills that help Cigna with its criminal enterprise?

Can not believe the idiots have not been here yet telling everyone how the WANT TO HELP because they are SO SORRY and would BE GLAD TO HELP . It is a PR effort by paid trolls!

Nobody gets any real help. Someone contacts you and gives you the brush off but has either been successful in delaying or confusing you. This is the WORST company I have ever seen! At least everyone knew the mob might screw them, but people try to trust their insurance people thinking that laws protect them.


HA! Cigna uses every underhanded trick in the business and willLIE out their butts and tell people they lost or never received paperwork!

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