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We have had Cigna insurance for years through my husband's work, I have a port that needs flushed every 4 weeks and costs $378 but they refuse payment each time saying it's due to a previous medical condition. My OBGyn tells me that I need surgery but my insurance are not willing to cooperate, now I need Gallbladder surgery which is over $10,000 and they will only pay the first $1000....tell me again why I pay them each month?!?!?

I could get better service without insurance. I could actually save money I spend more on premiums than they pay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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Cigna is not uncommon in as much as they all suck and are getting worse. However, they may only cry pre-existing for a maximum of 12 months before they are in violation of the new healthcare law.

All the insurance companies are fattening up with the big win they had in the healthcare debate when they killed the single payer option and replaced it with the purchase mandate.

If you actually believe your rates will go down, look at your mandated car insurance rates.

Good luck, fighting with these greedy *^%$^# is a full time job.

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