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BEWARE!!!!!! Cigna Medicare Access will cost you more than regular Medicare Part B.

They will only cover Medical Botox under Part B under their terms (the doctor's administration of the drug will be billed separate from your doctor's office co-pay under Part B "after paying your $3,000 a year out of pocket expenses NOT INCLUDING the CO-PAYMENTS that you have already PAID out of pocket.") I called the Botox Assistance Program and they stated that Cigna stated that they were going to pay for this medication to be administered this month; therefore, they did not pay for it. Cigna gave me "Mumbo Jumble" (like I am ***) that I have to pay $960.60 out of pocket for this medication (I have cervical dystonia; my neck, face, and jaw are in painful spasms; I am underweight and debilating pain). Cigna stated that they go through their pharmacy for part D (Argis). If I were to pay for this drug out of pocket it would only cost me a third of the expense (if not LESS)!!!!

This is the message relayed to me by "Marge" in Arizona. Her number is 623-516-3138. ATTENTION SENIORS: Do not go with a Medicare Replacement before you READ what they DO NOT give you; I would have faired better with regular Medicare Part A and B.

Questions?? You are welcome to e-mail me at Connie_Beacham@yahoo.com

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