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Absolutely & unequivocally the WORST medical insurance plan on the planet. BEWARE of CIGNA'S marriage to MED-SOLUTIONS!

At retirement age I've had plenty of opportunities to use and compare medical insurance carriers. I've been covered by both individual & employer policies through Aetna, BCBS, & UHC and have had almost full-time dealings with these carriers since my son was born with a debilitating disease. Believe me, I know all their little tricks. CIGNA'S Claim-processing is pathetic!

CIGNA is now in cahoots with a third-party known as MED-SOLUTIONS. By having MED-SOLUTIONS in the mix, they have even more opportunity to DELAY & DENY claims and wear down the claimant! Please DO NOT let these big companies *** and your families. I'm certain their schemes are designed to take advantage of the chaos in our screwed-up healthcare system!

Ask and I'll be happy to supply specifics. You have my permission to copy and paste this COMPLAINT AGAINST CIGNA & MED-SOLUTIONS anywhere you wish!!

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