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I had both legs amputated June 2009 due to a serious post surgical complication. CIGNA paid their share of the medical bills and for that I am grateful.

However; getting prostheses has been a horendous fiasco. My prosthetist applied for permanent prosthetic knees December 18, 2009. CIGNA waited until September 28, 2010 to process the claims and then only after we contacted their president.

CIGNA has also denied my claim for state-of-the-art electronic knees. They will only pay for outdated pneumatic knees so I have to pay the difference.

CIGNA is an incompetent, outdated, and uncaring company.

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Carlisle, South Carolina, United States #219137
Cigna health insurance does nothing but send letters explaining why they still need more information in order to pay -or why they will not pay after you have supplied them often the same information 4 and 5 times. They are useless, but I am trapped -at least until 2014 when healthcare insurance reform kicks in.

Will I survive?

That is the question for someone with a serious chronic illness burdened with this dreadful company for your insurance. :cry

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