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I never had an issue with Cigna until about a year ago. Since then I've had a terrible time dealing with them. I was initially told that my new hearing aids would be covered, up to $5000. Just to be safe, I to get confirmation of this in writing. I was told that they couldn't do that, but that it "wouldn't be a problem." Silly me for believing them. 10 months, at least 16 phone calls, and 3 unanswered letters later and they still couldn't...
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I had very bad experience with Cigna Global who sells the insurance with false commitment why I am stating like that because I am holding a policy but never used service. And this year I had main issue like headache and neck pain then I visit the doctor who found that I need to visit chiropractic and I visited chiropractic when I filed the claim then CIGNA denied and before that also they never paid back to the cost to me everytime charging me...
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