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Regarding CIGNA in general, but in my case STD/LTD – Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability

*Please voice and file complaints with your particular states insurance department or department that handles such complaints. The more people that let their voices be heard, the more we can fight the lobbyist’s efforts to help CIGNA get away with what they do…..*

Then get a good lawyer if necessary, as CIGNA has lots of clout…..

I paid for LTD (Long Term Disability) coverage/benefits for over 15 + years. When the coverage was needed CIGNA has done nothing, but make the process extremely difficult, making It clear the object is to make the claimant give up.

My claim went from PSL/STD (Personal Sick Leave/Short Term Disability) to LTD (Long Term Disability) with the same incident number, with CIGNA handling from the start.

I have been out of work since April 11th 2014. SSDI has determined me to be permanently disabled and will re-examine my case December 2017.

CIGNA now states they need an IME as there is not sufficient proof/documentation to support my disability claim. I know the contract gives them the right for an IME, but they have plenty of documentation, it is just to make it more difficult. Also Google CIGNA and IMEs to see how much fun that is.

To date my claim has been denied three (3) times (one of which was verbal), with each denial being appealed and then overturned, showing CIGNA just wants to see what they can get away with. Two (2) denials were in writing, one (1) was verbal, but all three (3) appeal letters are on file.

I have already file a complaint of BAD FAITH PRACTICES and DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS through the New York State Insurance Department – New York State Department of Financial Services. Their claim is currently in closed status as CIGNA was paying me and my claim covered at that time. They advised me to cooperate with CIGNA, provide the requested information by both myself and my medical providers. If denied for a fourth time to call New York State Department back, at which time they will reopen my claim and investigate my allegations.

CIGNA can see all the paperwork and supports in my file. I have given CIGNA more than ample information/supports to substantiate my claim.

Know that I will not go down without a fight. I will write to every blog, government and state agencies, and review for an attorney to seek not only what I am entitled to for LTD benefits, but also court costs, and most importantly of all punitive damages.

I have work for approximately 33 years, of which 29+ years had no gaps in employment. I have never collected unemployment benefits, been on welfare, or any other assistance. I had no other option, but to no longer work. Between my illness getting worse with age, the work environment getting increasingly demanding and more stressful year after year.

Also with some of my physical illnesses being caused directly or indirectly due to my mental health issues and some of my physical issues limiting treatment for my metal issues as well as exacerbating them, there was no more options.

I struggled for years to attempt to keep working with things getting to the point of have a near nervous breakdown every day of the week. I am lucky to date I have not had a heart attack. My wife and I, even though low middle class, gave a substantial amount of or income and belongings to charity. All of which demonstrates I am no system sucker.


Also check out Wikipedia regarding CIGNA. I am sorry for those honest claimants just trying to get what you paid for.

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