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My husband was denied his long term disability in May without notice. Mike has recurring Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Crohn's Disease, Vascular Disease, and OstoeArthritis. They claim the labs from a colonoscopy 10 months earlier were not current enough. The American Cancer Society states that no one should have a colonoscopy more then once a year. They said they needed labs for the Pyoderma. Their medical encyclopedia states there are no labs for PG.

They have lost medical notes, not returned phone calls from doctors or us, and treated us like we were bums looking for a hand out. They have ignored the diagnosis and prognosis from 3 specialist since November 2009.

The prognosis is amputation of my husbands limb.

They have said that they look for "weight loss" to make sure Crohn's is active.

My husband is 45, he did not want all of this. He paid disability for close to 18 years. He is sick, and the safety net he thought he can rely on has caused him much grief, not helping his conditions.

I received paper work today where they are STILL not recognizing his Crohn's Disease and Pyoderma. ALL the medical notes they have received since April 2008 states Crohn's Disease Pyoderma Gangrensum. They are not even reading his file.

This company is unethical and does not up hold there contractual obligations. I strongly advice any company looking into Cigna to look elsewhere.

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Amory, Mississippi, United States #1215722

Why will you not provide the test results that they are asking for so that his claim can be approved?The insurance company is asking for this information for a reason.

You are spending too much time being argumentative and trying to "prove" by means of some "encyclopedia" or other nonsense that they are asking for irrelevant information when that is not the case.You only have yourself to blame for your current situation.

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