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I had braces put in by an "in network ortho". He became so frustrated with them not returning his calls, he wrote letters. His staff called multiple times to resolve issues and only got through to one person. They received a callback during the evening. Do you know a doctor open until midnight?

So the ortho is mad and drops out of Cigna network. I am denied in network benefit of $2000 and told that $1400 is it. I am maxed out kaput....history. A woman actually told be the doctor dropped out to charge a higher fee (his fee did not chnge, in fact he's a decent man and is splitting the difference with me).

Another woman gave me a suggestion. Get another ortho to take my case. OK sure...this guy was in network and is working with my in network dentist and we are 3/4 done and say what?

What a bunch of immoral, ignorant, rip off liars (an earlier employee had told me if he leaves the network I am still covered because he was in network when I started treatment.


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I am so sorry for the difficulties you are having. I would be happy to help you clear this all up, if you send me an email @

Please include your ID number and your date of birth. Thanks.

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