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Cigna will not state publically that it is their policy to deny payments or make it hard for customers to get what their entitled to, just to save money but this is their practice. Everything they do is to make money. Please always remember they do NOT care about clients. They care about the all mighty dollar. The more they deny, or make you fill out form after form, appeal, the more they make when customers, give up or just die. The more they make the better the CEOs and share holders are paid. If you die or suffer in the process then that's life. the 1% does not care about you.

Their automated system sucks too, after you type everything in through the phone, you area asked again.

Joe Flynn


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You give no specifics, just more liberal nonsense. You must be a "Thunder Thighs" supporter---blame everyone but yourself and blare in generalities.

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