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This company would do anything to save a dime. I fell and my knee is a grapefruit.

If the turns at all; then I am on the floor. It is very unstable. Doctor tested the knee in the office but the insurance company knows the best.

Doctor wants an MRI and they are denying it; stating that I have to have 6-8 weeks of pain killers and steroids without knowing what is wrong.

Nothing like prescribing drugs without knowing the person or situation. I have Cigna through my employer and I am starting a campaign to have them remove this provider and replace them with an insurance company that does the job ethically.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Cigna Is the absolute worst medical coverage I have ever had in MY LIFE. I SWEAR TO F-ING god...these people must throw out claims.

I have been attempting to reach my $3,000 out of network deductible since January and it is now August.I send them claims, for different medical providers, in the same envelopes, and HALF GET posted and the other half are magically LOST.

I want to know why the HARD WORKING PEOPLE GET SCREWED. They tell me that they will not even ACKNOWLEDGE the full out of pocket expense towards my deductible, even though they are not yet expected to reimburse me, b/c of usual and customary percentage rates THAT CHANGE DAILY.

CIGNA denied my ct scan after my dr requested me to have one,because of bad migranes.. CIGNA denied it, stating i needed to be treated longer for the headaches..*** *** people, well eventually they approved like weeks later..*** :( :( :(

I agree with you i am paying a lot of bills now with this WORST Insurance company

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