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When I got Married I changed my insurance to my husbands which happened to be Cigna. We have never had a problem before with them, so I thought it would be good for us all to be on the same plan.

I was WRONG! I got on Cigna plan in August and switched again 1st of January. I have went to the DR. 2 times in that time period and both times CIGNA is declining after they told the DR office and/or myself that it is covered.

They now keep saying that it is a pre-existing condition. It is NOT a pre-existing condition to go to the DR! BCBS has never said this! What is the point in even buying health insurance with them when your going to pay monthly and also gets bills for full amount for visits!?

CIGNA is such a JOKE!! If your looking for healthcare, DO NOT go with CIGNA unless you want to pay for everything as if you don't have health insurance!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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wont pay for any cancer treatment they hope that u will DIE then no problem for them


I was denied coverage because of a weight issue. That is a pre-existing condition.

It is against the law to deny someone that has that condition. I am waiting for written reasons for denial then I will take action. I am mobile, active, have had zero health issues in the past 11 years.

They said I was denied coverage because of past history. I DO NOT have any PAST HISTORY.


Fyi..... Its the employer that picks your coverage...

Not cigna. Take the time to read the benefits you are signing up for.


AND don't you LetUsHelpU@Cigna.com TROLLS even bother with me!

I have tried your LetUsHelpU@Cigna.com ***!

You BASTARDS deny disability to people that are so sick they can barely make it to a doctor and then have your screwed up nurses override what our doctors say. Biggest bunch of liars, bullshitters and thieves I have ever encountered.

I hope Cigna goes bankrupt because people finally wise up to their criminal tactics...and yes I SAID CRIMINAL because that is exactly how I SEE IT!




Hello. Is there a claim issue that I can help with?

If so, please email me at LetUsHelpU@cigna.com. I'd be glad to help.


Hello. Is there a claim issue that I can help with?

If so, please email me at LetUsHelpU@cigna.com. I'd be glad to help.


I am having the same problem. EVERY claim has been denied, saying they need more info from the doctor.

This is the worst plan I have ever had.

Basically, between my monthly payments and deductible, I will incur $9,104.00 in out of pocket expenses before I receive any benefits. What a rip off


In the past 2 months my wife and I have been dealing with this with EVERY bill we have received in the last half a year, including doctor's visits and standard check ups. They keep denying saying they need more information from our doctor, who keeps sending them all they need. If you call them they will basically tell you this is how it will be until the Affordable Care Act kicks in, which I think is in June.


Send them a credible coverage letter, this will waive the pre-existing clause and get your claim processed. See below.

An important feature of HIPAA is known as “creditable coverage.”

Creditable coverage is health insurance coverage you had before you enrolled in your new health plan, as long as it was not interrupted by a period of 63 or more days. The amount of time you had “creditable” health insurance coverage can be used to offset a pre-existing condition exclusion period in your new health plan.

The bottom line: If you had at least a full year of health coverage at your previous job and you enrolled in your new health plan without a break of 63 days or more, your new health plan cannot subject you to the pre-existing condition exclusion.


I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with Cigna regarding getting your claims paid. Please send an email to Letushelpu@cigna.com and I'll be more than happy to try and correct any mistakes.

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