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I am waiting for an authorization for a MRI for my 12 year old child. The company originally gave the wrong code that took 24 hours to get now I have to wait 5 more days to get a new one while my child suffers in pain with no answers .

My childs doctor spoke to Cigna directly stating the urgency and need of the test to determine what is going on and still no approval number was given. I think they purposley do this so people just give up

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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I am in the same boat. Cigna preaches many things on being too notch in the early detection of breast cancer.

I have extremely dense breast tissue and a family history. My most recent mammogram detected a cluster of lesions. After an unsuccessful needle biospy as well as an unsuccessful surgical biopsy my surgeon recommended a breast MRI. Thinking after weeks of worrying I'd finally have an answer I counted down the days.

But the evening before my MRI was scheduled I learned cigna had denied coverage stating a MRI was not medically necessary. Although their own website says a breast MRI is necessary sometimes for early detection of breast tissue is dense. So, thank you cigna for thinking possible breast cancer isn't a justified reason for a MRI. So, what should I do after waiting for my next mammogram should this be cancer?

I cant help but feel someone would be accountable in some way. They say be an advocate for your own health. How is this possible with an insurance company caring so little for its customers? So upset, worried, and very disappointed in Cigna.

And not to mention the people you speak with all seem to have no information and no knowledge about the policies and procedures for cigna!

The most frustrating position I have ever been in. Thanks cigna!


as a provider I will say CIGNA is the worst Payor . They systematically deny claims based on actuarial estimates that a certain percentage of people will just give up.


what we need to do people is get a good lawyer and start a class action lawsuit against these bastards. It is obvious they are denying everything just so people will give up and pay out of there pocket.

They are in our polititians pocket as well. Cigna is run by a bunch of money hungry business men that dont give a *** about thier customers.

If we all try to fight them as individuals they will destroy. We need to band together.


I would really like you to see what people have suffered we have fought forever, these people are literally committing crimes and getting away with it every day, year after year we can NEVER EVER FORGET. Please go to sick for profit, ot please go to united patients of america. org, and see what people have suffered, and how they have fought to live.


Cigna this should be a crime on pissed consumer, you can get more details there.


absolutely the worst


I've been a CIGNA customer for just a few months and already feel they are the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I filed a claim that my old insurance company paid by accident and it's been 5 months and I've still not received a check.

I've spent 5-6 hours on the phone with them, gotten cut off numerous times, have people tell mw we mailed that check and had others say they have no evidence of the claim. This company is the worst!!!


I have a bad knee. It swells, collects fluid and gives out on me.

I have been going to an Ortho Dr since July. He wanted an MRI but CIGNA denied it saying I need an xray first so we did the xray. Now they have denied it saying I need therapy first. My Dr knows that will fail and might cause more damage and he needs the MRI to find out how much damage is there!!

Everytime I call CIGNA I get the run around. I have NEVER had so much problems with an insurance company.

I had surgery on my other knee 8 years ago and everything went great from start to finish. No issues from the insurance I had at the time.


I understand!! In October of 2011 my feet start going numb.

I went to my doctor who ordered an MRI. Cigna denied it. He sent me to a neurologist who ordered the same MRI. DENIED!!

All the while I was losing More and more feeling. By the time I got my MRI I had lost feeling up to my breast bone and in both hands. I has severe spinal stenosis with myelopathy. I now can not walk without assistance and then not over a half of a block and constantly drop things due to lack of feeling in my hands.

If they would have approved the MRI sooner all this could have been avoided!! Doctor said they waited to long and I have perminate spinal cord damage!! At one point I was on the phone crying and begging for the MRI and the lady refused to let me speak to someone else and said Cigna said I needed to try treatment first. My response was, "Treatment for WHAT?".

They did not know what was wrong with me!! I finally got my surgery in Geb 2012, but am in the car as I type this, my husband driving 4 hours to Indianapolis, because I need another surgery because CIGNA waited to long to approve an MRI. By the way, my doctor told me he finally told Cigna if they did not approve the MRI he was turning me over to their care.

CIGNA IS HORRIBLE and should be ASHAMED!! They changed my life forever!


Hello. I can help with your authorization issue.

Please email me at I'd be glad to help.


Hello, if there is anything I can help you with, please send me an email to


The union changed to Cigna. They are a disaster, I cannot believe the union was so gullible .

My doctors are costing me $30 copay, I used to pay $15.

We have to get BCBS back covering our health care again. It's urgent.


Agreed - CIGNA is the worst. Deny, deny, and's all they know how to do.

I work for a Fortune 500 company and guess company is listed hundreds of ranks above mine? That's right, CIGNA. I know my money is going towards making the rich richer and not the sick well.

My company should be ashamed for offering CIGNA to its employees...who, by the way, have little choice for medical and NO choice for dental except for CIGNA. And the prescription “coverage” is a joke x10!


Cigna is the worst insurance i ever had my bills wer filling up some agents had false re assurance and they charged a looot. When i was still under anthem blue cross insurance i have never ever had a problem with my bills they take care if it but now? I am scared to get sick coz the more u get sick the more bills will file up!!!!

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