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I had insurance through my state while I was il, but I got better and got a job and my own insurance, so I became ineligible for the state insurance some of which was provided by CIGNA, When the state took me off their roles, Cigna sent me a statement saying I could keep the insurance for a certain premium. I did not want the insurance so I did not send the statement back.

then 5 months after the insurance ended through the state, CIGNA sent me a past due bill.

I called them and said I never agreed to the insurance nor agreed to pay them for it. They said that even though I did not want it, they provided it for 2 months before they discontinued it for non payment, and even though I did not use it I must pay for the 2 months and are now threatening to send a collection agency after me.

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You should see all the class action lawsuits against this company as well as all the regular lawsuits against them...biggest bunch of crooks I have ever seen!

Get an attorney and maybe you can recover damages from these idiots in a few years...or at least fight off their demand to pay!

ANd don't u LetUsHelpU@cigna.com people try your *** here...already wise to that BS...you don't help anyone that I've seen and *** sure didn't help me or even get back with...so now I run around and tell everyone the truth about your *** comaony and hope the sue your *** off like I am going to do!!!!!!!!!!!

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