In 16 years, anything that is done that is not a routine visit to the doctor, is initially denied by cigna. I then have to call and sit on hold for usually 10-15 minutes before speaking to a person.

After explaining the problem they usually say that there was an error and they will take care of it right away. Either they are counting on people just paying the bill and not calling them on it, or they are completely incompetent. Their Dental coverage seems worse than medical. At least I have an option of another provider for dental.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Cigna for medical.

From what I hear, most health insurance companies are not much better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Dental Insurance.

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Irvine, California, United States #650661
:cry :cry Yes Cigna destroys lives and we can never forget, please read about it on the health Insurance racket, sick for profit, or read Cigna this should be a crime on pissed consumer. The people who have suffered,and been abused, and killed as well. CAN NEVER FORGET

CIGNA has the WORST rating by customers of ANY major insurance brand, They are NOTORIOUS for denying medical claims, short and long term disability claims. They have so many lawsuits against them I can not even begin to count them all...and it's all for the same basic reason..they SCREW PEOPLE!!!!

AT least they haven't come here with their LetUsHelpU@cigna.com ***!

THAT is a TOTAL waste of time!! But that is what it is designed for..to delay you and have ONE MOPRE PERSON tell you that Cigna does NOT have to help you...and they also TROLL these boards and MANY other places trying to clean up their criminal image!!!!

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