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After applying for Cigna individual health insurance the underwriters rejected my application after a total of 3 days! Reason: I have too many medical problems.

Really? I've got typical high blood pressure & cholesterol which are being treated. But I was told my a phone agent beforehand that the three pills I'm prescribed for these conditions are too much!! Unbelievable!

I can't imagine what grief others with more serious conditions and are on more medication must go through. I hope those underwriters feel our pain someday for the *** they do to peoples' lives.

Oh, they did send me the rejected application letter stating that people like me do have other choices such as HIPAA. What a worse joke. When I called the agent told me that I'd pay at least 3 times more than what I'm paying now for my federal COBRA plan!!!!

Can anyone say 'extortion'??

And interestingly to this date I'm receiving emails from Cigna telling me that my application is still on hold, that I still have time to complete it! I've no idea what they are talking about.

They are crazy, and frankly perhaps it's good they rejected me. I won't even consider them at all anymore!

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cigna from marketplace is not the same as regular cigna. you cannot use quality pharmacies like Walgreens and their provider list is not the same as you are offered when you buy cigna elsewhere.

I made the mistake of purchasing cigna from the marketplace and have had nothing but frustration. My employer provided cigna so I thought I was buying quality ins. What a mistake.

I am stuck with this joke of a policy for a year and I hope I can prevent someone else from making the same mistake.They are providing second rate insurance you would be better off with a no name ins co that may provide better service. I am surprized that they arent charged w fraud

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