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We are trying to get reimbursed for midwifery services since 2010. Calling Cigna is useless - they never know anything, dont know why the bill is not paid even if our plan includes midwifery services.

Since May 2011 we are trying to appeal Cigna's decision. They dont even respond to the appeal letters, the last one I sent came back with a note that the address is wrong and Cigna did not have mail forward to their central office. We tried everything we could, will now file a grievance letter with CA state.

Poor customer service, poor processes. But - never give up never surrender!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You are dealing with criminals at Cigna..they lie cheat and steal to make their bonuses and have paid TROLLS to come on these boards and FEIGN concern and help..ALWAYS THE SAME PHRASES too!

LetUsHelpU@Cigna.com is designed to delay and confuse you as well as make it look like their company gives a hoot about ANYONE but themselves. Cigna is the WORST example of vulture capitalists I have ever seen!

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