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Recently I had a dosage change in my insulin, and unfortunately at the same time dropped and broke my second-to-last bottle of insulin. Since it's a maintenance med, it's only covered by insurance if I get it through Cigna home delivery.

And pricey - retails at $293 for one vial, which will last me 8-9 days. And the best Cigna Home Delivery can do is for me to pay $17 and change for overnight delivery.... but they have NO process to expedite orders, so it's still 7-10 BUSINESS days (that's 2 weeks) before it can be shipped because according to the home delivery department it's a "new" prescription. At the same time, according to Cigna Health Insurance, it's not a "new" prescription - if it was, I would be allowed to refill twice at a local retail pharmacy while I'm waiting for Cigna Home Delivery's snail's pace service.

Will be looking once again at the non-Cigna options for insurance during my employer's enrollment period later this year. And probably having to cough up another $293 for a second vial because in my experience, 7-10 business days with Cigna Home Delivery usually means 3 weeks.

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