Irvine, California

After submitting a claim as directed by Cigna and being told it would be 15 days, we have been through several phone calls and and several supervisors and still keep getting told it is being re-submitted due to Cigna not handling it correctly the first time (so no reason at all) It sounds like nothing more then a delay tactic to pay out what is rightful owed to us as the customer. It is ridiculous as we have gotten the names of the supervisors and of course there is nothing more they can do but try to *push it through* and will call us - but no one calls.

It looks like we are not the only consumers with this problem - how can these health care giants continue to get away with this??

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Customer Care.

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My father was injured out of state, my mother had the sense to call Cigna and get approval for the ER visit. They returned instate and proceeded to go to all doctors appointment necessary to have surgery, which was needed.

Now Cigna is refusing to pay the bill....WTF if wrong with this company?

they will gladly take money from your paycheck, but refuse to pay out on a justified surgery claim. :( buf


Same here! NO payments, no claims .

One claim was faxed and mailed 20 times!!! still no claim !


My daughter had major surgery. Cigna was the primary (husband pays for) and my insurance was the secondary.

Cigna has paid several claims being the primary, but since has stopped paying any claims stating they are the secondary. My husband is older. They are not following their own policy. I called they told me they are the primary but when the doctors billing office calls they are telling them they are the secondary and are requiring more infomation from the policy holder.

When I called, Cigna told me the customer service rep was incorrect and can not read the screen. They are not paying the claims. The outstand balance due is $240,000.00. My insurance (secondary) paid their required portion.

This surgery was planned and pre-authorized by both insurance companies. Cigna likes to play games with its customers.


We've been battling Cigna PPO over an ER visit since Feb. They delay, delay, delay.

They won't offer a PPO discount on the ER dr - and the hospital is in the network. Next step is the state insurance commissioner.

Motto with Cigna: You really don't know if you have health insurance until you actually try to use it.


Sorry to hear about your experience. Perhaps I can check the status of your claims for you?

I would be happy to assist. Please email me @


that's *** they don't answer!


I encourage to file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner. Let the insurance commissioner of your state deal with them.

Let Cigna know you are filing the complaint. They may be more helpful.:)Cigna is horrible insurance. They have no problem taking outrageous premiums but don\'t pay bills.

They are the worst right now. I hope other insurances don\'t follow them.


We are having the same problem. Bill the claim, have it rejected or lost.

Then we rebill it and it is denied due to timely filing. Of course they take their time denying the claim in the first place and then hit us with the not filing in the time allotted.

They are stockpiling money in order to deal with Obamacare. Thanks Obama

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