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I needed info re: my drug plan. The wbsite was un-nagavational !All About sales info.

Never found the icon.I'm sure there is a path there, somewhere. 95% sales sites or advertising. I am IT savvy and this is a sad site. Will have to go back to pulling out the paperwork and forget the internet site.

A pity to go back to filing mounds of paperwork since the website is impossible. Costly plans that pay very little as well.

Oh, well, my employer will chg again soon. Thanks for letting me tell you how pissed I am

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Cigna is a joke, just cancelled my plan


CIGNA 2011 plan "eliminated" co-pays for "routine" (annual) physicals, but they nickel and dime the consumer with charges on tests they perform annually. Thus, the amount I'm paying for my routine visit, is 2-3 times higher than my co-pay.

During my routine exam, I asked a question about a couple of things which coded as a separate visit, and I was charged. Luckily, my doctor resubmitted with the accepted "routine" code that CIGNA paid. Now I'm faced with another bill for part of a routine test that CIGNA did not cover. The details of these charges are not explained up front, which is deceptive.

I, too find their site difficult to navigate, and cannot even locate the latest EOB for a recent bill for testing I've received. And the phone waiting and button pushing is laborious and stressful.


I am not the original poster, but I have issues with the site. There is always some error on a page when trying to access information, usually EOB and pharmacy information. Oddly enough, the page where they want to collect your health information works just dandy! I've used different browsers and different computers and had the same result on all of them.

They give a number to call, but why should I wait on hold. They should have a way to email them or submit a web form.

I used to really like Cigna, but their website is making me rethink that.


Not only is their website ***, they also don't allow you to send in claims by fax or email, something that is very common today.

They force you to spend a lot of money and time sending something by donkey mail.

This company is backward and needs to move into the 20th century, never mind the 21st century.


I learned the hard way that CIGNA is the worst of all the insurance companies. I finally sued them and won my case, since they were obviously negligent, but it never lessened my anger and pain. I would do just about anything to shut that company down before they hurt or kill people.


On there is a "My Pharmacy" tab, dead center top of the page, it will take you right to the information you need. Obviously you didn't go to the right website.

I'm sure you were at, which is the general company information page and would not contain your plan information. Before bashing a company get your facts straight.

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