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After cancer surgery I contacted Cigna to get pre-approved for purchasing a specific L7900 Durable Medical device. I was told it was approved and I should find an in-network provider by calling a long list of names. After much effort and research I found an in-network company that provided the device. Based on Cigna stating the covered the device I then purchased it.

But now Cigna denies the claim and states the L7900 Durable Medical device is not covered by my expensive PPO health insurance. I appealed the denial and they still denied the claim. I did everything I was supposed to do by getting pre-approved yet they still denied it. Cigna never called back when they said they would and dragged this process out for 4 months.

I could attempt a second appeal but I can already tell Cigna is so screwed up and fraudulent that the appeal would be denied. Kaiser was so much better to deal with and I will be going back to them during my company's annual health choice. I am stuck paying for this device even though I would have purchased another device at a lower cost if I knew it was not covered.

I don't have the time to get a lawyer and document everything that has happened, but from what I'm reading about Cigna someone should file a class action lawsuit about fraudulently misleading customers. The company is incompetent and has fraudulently misled me into making the wrong decision. Worse, they do not acknowledge their mistake and try to repair the damage done.

This is the first time I've ever been so disgusted with a company that I found it necessary to file a negative report and I've been around 50 years. It is unfair to unsuspecting innocent people that unwittingly may get insurance through Cigna. DO NOT GET INSURANCE THROUGH CIGNA!!! You will regret it!!!! DO NOT INVEST IN CIGNA STOCK. Eventually Cigna's incompetence and fraud will be well known and the company will face its demise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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I have had the same problem with CIGNA. They told me my son speech therapy was a covered service.

I gave them CPT code is an ICD nine code so that was covered. They refused to pay. Now they are denying genetic testing that will change the course of treatment for my son. Is gastroenterologist denied A neurological problem.

How is this possible? Fraud!


Cigna scammed us big time! we tried to enroll in a "new" plan which came in the form of a letter from them.

We selected a new plan which was a bit less expensive. They neglected to inform us that they tacked on an extra $$$ for what they call "mandatory" dental for minors. We informed them we already had dental for our 19 yr old son and wouldn't need it. They told us they would remove it since he was in fact NOT a minor.

Bam! we get a bill for the new amt PLUS dental! when we called an explained we canceled dental, they informed us that we could not do that and that the dental was mandatory til out son is 20...since when is 20 a minor??

This information was never mentioned in the new enrollment plan letter. This is a scam by Cigna...we cancelled and went with BCBS, found a good plan that was way less expensive than Cigna to begin with!


Very unhappy with the service they provide also dissapointed after finding out they are not a reputable and reliable healthcare company. Please investigate more before signing with them because after the first payments things will begin changing and keep your eye on your bill statement because they are "very" grey.


The reason they are denying L7900 is because there is no such code used anymore. I am a medical biller and deal with these frustrations on a daily basis, and not just from Cigna.

Although they are becoming one of the worst.

You must use their select DME provider, Linkia, which are created their own network. If you know the "name" of the item you need, you can look-up the HCPCS L code on line.


Wwwdrew...did you attempt to call customer service? Did you get a letter that stated your L7900 was a covered expense?

If so, you have a leg to stand on. But if you're going on a he said/she said, you're up the creek.

I think it's funny that you said if you knew it wouldn't be covered you would have purchased a less expensive alternative. And people wonder why health care costs are so high.

@The Helper

Are you that ignorant that you don't get it? Are you this clueless to the industry???

They aren't in business to pay out. They are business not to pay out. Insurance costs are high sparky because the industry is corrupted and greed is the name of the game. Did you not pay attention that Cigna reported record profits of all time in it's over 100 years of existence during the biggest recession since the Great Depression?

Why do you think in a recession a company this big posted all time profits how on earth could that remotely be??? It's because ignorant consurmers like you believe its the patients causing it when it's the carrier being greedy fool. Your comment was a waste of a space all you showed was how ignorant you are about the economy and the industry. You don't post record profits in 100 year history during the biggest recession of all time.

THINK FIRST before SPEAKING!!! They need to be investigated themselves for the astrocities they are committing in the industry. BETTER YET SHUT CIGNA DOWN and rip their license away and this industry needs to be overhauled.

Don't be surprised if it's next on the chopping block as much attention as they are getting these days. TEH FRAID THESE DAYS IS INSURANCE CARRIERS PEOPLE.

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