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I have had several problems with Cigna and would advise anyone who has the choice to stay away. My employer selected this rip-off company because it saves them money, but the high-deductibles, lack of customer service and immoral business practices are going to cost them in the end.

Cigna uses several tactics to avoid paying claims: saying claims are out of network when they really are in network, miscalculating accumulating deductibles and out of pocket maximums, sending back claims several times for missing information (even when they really have it).

I suggest you file a complaint with your state insurance dept. or go to the national Labor Department if you have insurance through your employer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #588740

I just got Cigna and had some back pain I went to the dr.

He sent me for xrays .

Cigna is now not wanting to pay them they are saying it was a preexisting condition.

I have never seen a dr for back pain and have done almost everything in my power to get them to pay this cliam.

They keep saying it was pre existing I keep saying no it is not..

There is no evidence I have gone to a dr for this.

On calling Cigna they said the dr needs to answer no to all 3 questions on the form. What form?

Seems the insurance company sent the dr a form asking these 3 questions:

1 was I seen for this between these dates? answer no

2. to the best of thier knowledge has any other dr been seen for this? dr's office put unsure. answer needs to be no

3. Was any medication prescibed for this between these date? dr's office put unsure. insurance company sayes it needs to be no.

Called the dr's office they won't change the answers because they don't know they don't follow me around.

Guess I am paying for this out of my pocket.


My doctor was in network, as of 12/31/2011 became out of network unbeknownst to me be cause of contract dispute now cigna refuses to pay bills, tells me to find a new doctor and the closest is over 100 miles away, I have three potentially fatal diseases and must have medications to keep them under control, are my medications going to be out of network next ?

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