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I filed for Cigna disability and was told that I MUST file for SSI disability to get my Cigna claim. They then referred me to a "helpful" associate who assisted me in filling out the SSI claim.

I just started to receive Cigna $, but denied SSI at this time. 1 week later I receive a call from this "helpful" person asking me the status of SSI, one week later I get a letter from Cigna and my employer that I will have to pay all my own insurance and no longer receive disability.

Do not use Cigna's associate Advantage 2000, it is a scheme to get out of paying and to obtain personal information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

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Cigna says they don't even talk with advantage 2000, which is a lie! I've used THEM "advantage 2000"after "I" applied and got denied they took over after my first denial, now that I finally have received my SSDI they want all my back pay!!

I'm not a lawyer, however something's not right. Wish I had the knowledge to fight this! I'm so frustrated. I paid for short and longterm disability for 8 years before I got hurt.

Never thought I would have had to use any of this.

Wish I knew what to do. Frustrated ????????

Nancy G

Dear Well DUH, CIGNA does require you report to them your SSI status when you get LTD from them. They don't get the information directly from SS.

But if you don't send them documentation within 30 days of approval that your application is complete, and keep sending them copies of ALL CORRESPONDENCE, then they can stop paying. If they don't get the documentation within 30 days they cut you payments by the amount they calculate you would get from SS, since they are so sure that you will get it. So imagine my surprise when I get a check for $100 after going 17 of the prior 19 months with NO INCOME! Since they took so long to finally approve me, it took me months to get together all of the information for every doctor visit, and if there were tests or medications changes ordered (at each visit), every ER visit, every Prompt Care Visit, every doctor and specialist, every Physical Therapy visit, with address and phone number and what was the date of the next scheduled visit (yea..back in January, did they change your meds and when were u to be seen again, and what about when you were there two weeks later, and two days after that...)Until they had confirmation that the application had been filed, I only got $100.

The same company that said that since the DOT lists my job as sedentary didn't think things like being in a nursing home would keep me from being able to work, was so sure that i would qualify for SS Disabiltiy that they docked my benefits.

Now we all know that most cases take a year or years to get approved by SS, but they get to deduct payments as if the thing could get processed within 30 days.

SO WELL DUH, what planet do you live on.


Yeah I am sure that they are really just wanting your personal information there. Like they sit on their *** all day saying "Hmmm how can we make them give us their personal information ?

" Chances are, the person who called you didnt even get to see that SSI form.

I am sure they have better things to do. It is jacked though that you got denied disability.


Cigna is a big WeaselPissed Consumer - 05-26-2008© Pissed Consumer


Cigna is a big WeaselPissed Consumer - 05-26-2008© Pissed Consumer

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