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I am looking for other people who have lost their disability benefits from CIGNA and believe they were treated unfairly and dishonestly. I worked for VISA the credit card brand company and would also be interested in hearing from other disabled Visa alumnus.

Disability Insurance companies are governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). nder a 2003 rewrite of ERISA a disabled person who is denied benefits or has had benefits terminated under the terms of their coverage only has recourse to sue in court. However the change in the law makes proving your disability in court inadequate to prevail. The burden of proof is that the insurance company "abused their discretion" in making their decision -not weather the decision was right or wrong. The attorneys I have consulted say that this is fundamentally impossible to prove

In my case my disability had been approved in 1998. Immediately after the change to ERISA they reviewed my case I was sent to one of their doctors, who concurred that I was disabled under the terms of my policy. However CIGNA simply paid two more doctors to conduct "chart reviews" and critiques of the findings of the doctor they themselves had sent me to. At this point though we were 2 vs 2: My doctor, the doctor that CIGNA sent to me see, versus the two hacks that did the chart review. They then sent me to another of their doctors along with the file (that pretty much did a character assassination on the last CIGNA contractor doctor that saw me) He was warned! Still he also agreed that I was disabled. Now they had to find TWO MORE *** doctors that would conduct chart reviews and discredit their own contractor that saw me and "determine'"that I was no longer or may have never been disabled! I was also under surveillance -the reports though boring are pretty comical. The only thing they could use from the surveillance is that the report identified me as mid 30s when I was 50 so "obviously I couldn't be disabled if they made that mistake" At this point they could cancel me with impunity because the "preponderance of findings" (their 4 doctors that reviewed my chart vs. my doctor and the two doctors they paid for that actually saw me) supported their decision.

If you are paying for CIGNA disability insurance you are throwing your money away because it won't be there when you need it. If your employer is using CIGNA for your company disability or healthcare insurer lobby for them to change ---your life may depend on it.

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cigna is a despicable organization. I would encourage you to file complaints with your states Dep't of Insurance and Attorney General. Hopefully, if enough people do this, it will convince legislators that ERISA laws need to be changed.


I've been fighting cigna ltd since 2010 they rob you with out a gun and the gov. doesn't care


Cigna is cheating me out of my LTD benefits too.


Did you file a compliant with the state att. general?

Please if you haven't consider it. Cigna can dismiss one at a time but not a group.

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