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I was 7 months pregnant and my doctor felt the need to take me off of work do to pressure and pelvic pain that I was experiencing that was showing signs of pre-term labor. Well I called Cigna who I pay monthly through my benefits for a supplemental disability and then suppose to be nurse calls me to evaluate me then this company harasses my doctor, they kept wanting to speak to him personally because they wanted more information than what he submitted on the form that they sent directly to him.

Then I receive a call telling that my claim was denied because cigna felt that it was no need for me to be out of work that early because that wasn't a good enough reason for them... WTF Are you kidding me right now.. so a pregnant woman showing signs of preterm labor isn't a good enough reason to be off of work.

But my state disability didn't have any problem with it. SUCKERS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

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i work for cigna and trust me, they will find ways to take your money & give you almost no coverages


It's just the beginning for me and it's already horrible! I have been on disability for only five weeks and not a single payment has been given to me.

I can see how so many have issues and where it looks like mine is heading. Thank you all for taking the time to let everyone know what we're up against.


My mother has been receiving ltd for 30years and Cigna decided at her age 59 1/2 to end her benefits. she has had brain surgeries, seizures, cancer just to name a few.

they recently surveillanced her and saw her travelling to a location, walking and talking to a crowd of people! Based on those findings they denied her case and ended her benefits.

what the *** does that have to do with her mental state? Cigna is so f.o.s!


My husband worked for a large corporation for 13 years. A corporation which is in the Forbes 100 best companies to work at which started using Cigna as their disability company in 2010.

We had to beg to get his first check from them so our bills could be paid. The agent handling his case did not have taxes taken out of the disability checks and has left us with a large tax bill to be paid and then after a year was called and said they would no longer be paying him. They implied that the doctors said he was able to go back to work doing some kind of desk job and after speaking with the doctors they are saying no way could he work. He is on morphine twice a day for pain and trying to get off oxycotin which he was on for a year.

A nurse made this decision and I would like to know how a nurse can make a decision and over rule a doctor from Duke of more than 30 years. A specialisti in my husband's condition which we have to pay out of our pocket.

No nurse has that extended training or ability to make these decision. Yes, a lawyer will be hired and want the nurse to lose her job along with the incompentent case worker that could never answer any questions when we called.


(continued from comment below, read that first) In  addition to the surveillance they scoured the Internet hoping to find anything like a Facebook or twitter account, which I do not have.  They did find a craigslist ad I posted when selling a kitchen appliance set, what relevance that has to my disability I don't know.

By the way, this file weighed 12 pounds and is 10 inches tall with about a thousand pieces of paper and four CD-Roms of surveillance.  They did  all of this in four years, but the last time they requested updated medical information from my doctors was in August of 2010, almost a year ago.  I was shocked my Cigna told me I could get a copy.  I don't think most people are aware they can request this information.   I also don't think most people paying Cigna premiums know what to expect if they are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim.

  This story could help them.  Believe me I would rather return to work than be dealing with disability and now Cigna.


imagine finding out you've been the subject of four Undercover Surveillance Investigations.  That's what I just found out after requesting my entire case file from Cigna.  I also found out they've been telling me a ton of lies!   

In the first surveillance in July 2009, they ordered me to take a Functional Capacity Exam, only to find out in their internal memos the test really wasn't that important to them, they wanted to get me on surveillance the day before, the day of, and the day after.   Well, the day before there was no activity, I was in too much pain to leave the house.  The day of the test I went as requested by Cigna, driven to and from the test by a friend.  At the time I was still wearing a back brace and using a cane, and went straight home after.  The next day they caught me going to a doctors appointment, barely able to walk. Obviously the video of me was nothing they could use in their quest to drop me, so they tried again.  

The second attempt was four months later in November 2009.   They followed my roommate around on his job for three days and assumed it was me. This later led them to do a major background investigation on me which included a request in for my IRS records for the past three years.  When I asked them what the records were for, they told me it was to make sure they were paying me the correct amount.  I complied as per my contract.  I now found out through their internal memos, it was all because they thought I was working a job, and they wanted to check my IRS records for reported income.   They were positive they had me for insurance fraud.  I don't know how, but six months later they finally came to the conclusion it was not me in the surveillance video!  

So, now to the third surveillance in May 2010.  They staked out my home for three more days and basically got me driving to a Smoothie King, ordering in the drive thru and then going home.  For some reason on those days someone kept putting litter in my yard around the mailbox.  Of course, when I saw it I picked it up.  I now found out that was part of the surveillance, planted litter to get me to bend over.  Once again, this was still not enough to drop me. Apparently, they don't give up, they just keep on and on, constantly ordering surveillance.  

The fourth surveillance took place over three days in February 2011.  This is where they got me doing my doctor ordered exercise.

Nancy G

Getting to a person - getting to the right person

The secret to getting to a REAL PERSON is to keep saying AGENT at every menu. It may take doing it seven or eight times, but eventually you will be put on hold and get to a real person.

It helps to use a speaker phone so you can do something else while you are waiting. I also start the conversation by telling the person exactly how long it took me to get through to them (my phone has a timer that times the length of the call).

Then, and this is a trick my father taught me, he was an attorney, ALWAYS WRITE A LETTER SUMMARIZING WHAT WAS SAID (WHO & WHEN) and mail it back to them. If you can't get an address and full name, send it to the Claim Processing Center or Customer Service, or Consumer Affairs office. Note CC: and list all of the people it is sent to.

It even helps to send it to sales offices AND YOUR COMPANIES BENEFITS DEPARTMENT. They don't process claims but this kind of copies of documentation of problems eventually gets word to the right people that your concerns need to be addressed.


Cigna should be shut down for false advertisement; people like myself purchase STD/LTD to avoid losing pay during illness or other reason for disability. again people PURCHASE so they are paying into something they hope they will have to use but when they do need they know that they have it...well CIGNA hates putting the welfare of the customer first, they do not listen to doctors and forcing people to go back to work before doctors feel they are ready, bullying customers and stopping paying claims that consumers pay into...

the better business bureau should look into CIGNA and all their complaints and they way they handle consumer affairs. ANY COMPANY THAT OFFERS THIS TO THEIR EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE ASHAMED AS YOU ARE NOT LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES :cry How can we the policy holders be hear and helped?????


My younger sister is currently going through so many hassles with Cigna. They approved a treatment at a well-known cancer institute.

After the treatment they denied payment ($12,000). The cancer institute wrote it off and has scheduled another treatment for her, but are requesting predetermination this time. Due to constant run-around and Need for another code, etc. she has missed one appointment and may miss the next.

My sister has an inherited genetic disease Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome or Gorlin's syndrome. She has worked for years until also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Overwork and stress exacerbates both these diseases. Her legs started buckling under her--causing a broken wrist, bursitis and numerous scrapes, bruises and bangs.

While waiting further treatments and approvals, her family income has dropped more than 50%. She has 2 brilliant teenagers, one in college on loans and the other still in high school. The bills are mounting up, harrassing credit calls are coming in. My sister and her family may loose everything they own if they have to declare bankruptcy to pay medicals bills.

Does anyone have any "Magic" words or know of what does work to get through the red tape, talk to a responsible person at Cigna and get some appropriate response regarding predetermination for treatment and for long term disability?

If so, please respond.

I am acting as her health care advocate to take some of the stress off her. Thank you!


OMG, at 8 months my OBGYN took me out of work due to dibilating migraines and vaginal bleeding and Cigna has denied my claim TWICE saying there was no reason i could not perform my job.. i swear the people making these decisions must have no idea what pregnancy can do to a persons body.

So the migraines that left me unable to open my eyes was not a good enough reason and i should have commuted over and hour to and from work. Because CIGNA thinks i could do my job.. my OBGYN that was caring for me for over 9 months didn't think so..

but CIGNA does..

If they deny it again i'm contacting a lawyer..

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