Owensboro, Kentucky
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ban on short term disability since November 3rd 2014 every month it is a hassle to be re-evaluated because they can never find the faxes or they need more information when you suffer from anxiety and depression and the doctor don't know when you're going back exactly I guess he want you to go jump off a bridge before they pay youKmart and Sears Holding needs to find another insurance carrier they have the same complaints over and over and over they also say they can never get a hold of your doctor which the doctor can never get ahold of them they give you wrong fax number so it sent to the wrong place and then they say we didn't get it we didn't get it I just cry everytime I have to talk to I have one more month that I can draw and the doctor thought I could go back January 31st because my depression and anxiety would be better I can drive 4 more weeks before my short term ends and my therapist and family doctor don't think I'm ready to go back to work as a manager but of course Cigna needs more documentation from my visit every week and they don't seem to find the faxes I spend more time on the phone to see if they got the fax and recalling doctors all of my doctors say this the worst company they've ever had to deal with

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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