cigna stinks!!!!! I have been waiting for almost 6 weeks for approval. My case worker never returns my calls when I call her and ask when they will have a decision she says in a few days or by Friday and she still never calls back. My company offered this disability insurance for free to their employees so if your company is offering free insurance thru Cigna tell them

runnnnnn get your own it would be well worth the extra money and tell your employer no thanks to cigna insurance

you almost have to hire a lawyer to fight them.

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same here. all my web research told me to epect LTD denial when STD ended and so did my attorney.

I have had the condition for 10 years and tried and failed to sustain work in my profession. I had a claim with unum years ago for same thing, they paid without a both for the 2 year term of the policy.

That time I needed to get well enough to work and did. The stress of this could set back months of progress.


We have been dealing with this for over 2 years now. It does not get better.

My suggestion, keep great notes and be prepared for a long battle.

I taped some of the phone conversations, so they wont talk to us anymore. Which is fine, I would rather deal in paper, they cannot lie as much that way.


Cigna has bees screwing with us for 8 mo now. They will not pay short term disability to my wife who has all paperwork stateing she can not return to work and yet still deni her payment...CIGNA SUCKS they will be hearing from our lawyer!!!


same here im going to resign so i can get my 40k to live off always an excuse why they wont pay never work for a company that has them

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