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My wife had surgery which resulted in a great amount of pain that she continues to life with. She went to numerous doctors over a period of months before the diagnosis was found to be a trapped nerve.

While having to live with excruciating, continuous pain & trying to find the root cause of the problem; we had to deal with a company (cigna) who makes your life more of a living *** than it already is. Continuously asking for documentation & picking the doctors' words & phrases that justify their right of denial while completely ignoring wording that would not. Delaying, denying & hoping that you'll become so aggravated & demoralized that you eventually give up.

I honestly don't understand how these people can sleep at night knowing the misery they are causing people who depend on short term disability to live and then compounding it with enough paperwork from doctors that would keep a part time secretary busy - when they know they're just going to deny it anyway.

I haven't wished ill on anyone in years but I hope there is truly karma for all the people in cigna (esp Rachael Z) who have caused my wife & I so much stress & worry through all this. You are one truly *** company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I feel your pain and if you do a search you will find hundreds of complaints and court cases against Cigna.

I am going throug something similar to what your wife is experiencing. Cigna likes to do this to people and they don't care if people drag them to court.

It says no links, so just type cigna disability complaints or cigna complaints. It will keep you occupied for hours and give you a headache.

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