Chicago, Illinois

I work for UBS Investment Bank which funds it's own health insurance and uses CIGNA as agent. My wife fell and broke her leg.

Called 911 to take her to hospital. CIGNA sends a letter saying I didn't get medical authorization for the ambulance and quesitons the medical necessity. How crazy is this?

CIGNA seems to routinely deny coverage and hopes you don't question it.

I often wonder if this is at the direction of UBS since the plan is self funded or if this is a normal practive for CIGNA. It's ashame you have to fight for what you are entitled to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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:( are ignorant. Broken leg is a valid call.

Try heavy mental bleeding or cold for two weeks or knee pain for two hours, there is massive abuse of EMS.

Bottom line, should have Medicaid!

They will pay for anything! I took a parent and 4 kids to the hospital for a " check up" at 330 am the other morning cause, Medicaid will pay for taxi back and no copayment since it is the er!


Irish, a broken leg can be life threatening. A broken bone can sever a major artery causing the person to bleed to death internally.

Also, maybe the OP was having car trouble and couldn't drive. What a sad life you must have if the only thing that brings you any pleasure is to flame total strangers on the internet. Go to CNN. The comment board is full of armchair judges like yourself, Irish.

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

There is an age requirement. I don't think they will let a 13 year old register there.


You called "911" for a broken leg. That is to only to be dialed in a life threatening situation.

You are the crazy one. Also I hope you get charged for making the "911" call for a broken leg when you could have taken her to the doctor yourself.

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