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I work at claims department for an air ambulance company. I submitted a preauthorized claim, authorized by RN case management at the City of Las Vegas who is self insured but uses Cigna to manage their funds and pay out claims.

First submission was "lost" by the US Post Office. About 75% of our first claim submissions are mysteriously "lost" by large insurance companies like Cigna. After resending(with delivery confirmation),4 months, and numerous calls from us and the City of Las payment yet from Cigna.

Dont blame government intervention...Cigna is bringing on tougher healthcare reform laws on themselves by deception and malice towards their insured and healthcare providers...Shame on you Cigna.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Nancy G

It does not matter what they say, they are responsible for what their employees say to customers, the problem is proving the person said it. TRY THIS, get the name, at least the first name, of the person you talked to, not the time and date. Then write out what was discussed in a letter, start out " I am writing to confirm our conversation of (date and time) regarding ( ). Close with something like "if there are any concerns or if there is any misunderstanding, please write me within 10 days to clarify. This is a trick my father, an attorney, taught me. If they don't reply to contest what you wrote, then it is considered documentation of the call. Being in Illinois I can only tape it (even using memo on my answering machine) without announcing I am doing so and getting their permission in writing or on the recording, or it is illegal eavesdropping. This is true even if their pre-recorded message says that they may be recording it for training and quality control purposes (this law is why they always have that announcement).

Keep a copy and send it registered mail with return receipt requested (so someone has to sign for it). Also, after the first attempt BCC (old speak for blind carbon copy), make a copy and send it to your Human Resource Director or Director of Benefits. Even if your company has wised up and uses a different provider now, they will have paid a lot of money to CIGNA to provide services and benefite. Their phone call, complete with the specifics in your letter will go a long way.

In all future correspondence type CC (for carbon copy)and the name and title of your Director of Benefits, so they know who else is seeing it. On third try CC you state representative and State Senator (because the state must license them to be able to do Insurance Business in your state, even to be processor for companies that self-insure.

ALWAYS include you Group # ID# (but NEVER you SS#), the DOS (Date of Service) and if you have the Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) reference number(s) as well as your contact information. I just make a blank page on my computer with this info on it and use it for each new letter.


What can be done to get reimbursed? Waiting on a foreign claim for 7 months now, have spoken to numerous associates, NONE of which can give any useful information or detail as to the status. Other than calling everyday, I don't know what else to do!


:upset Long story short - I had a car accident last July (my fault) - my car insurance paid 80% and I had to pay 20% out of pocket.

I submitted the claim to cigna to be reimbursed for 20%.

I still have not been reimbursed. I have spoken to Cigna supervisors - a total of about 12 different times to no avail...

They are the worst heath insurance company known to human kind!


CIGNA now claims that you can't simply call their customer service department and find out if providers are in network. They say CIGNA is not responsible for anything their representatives say.

They should be fired if they are useless. I'm claiming bankruptcy because of bills that CIGNA won't pay.


They have been at these practices for a very long time, please visit Cigna this should be a crime.

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