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Here's a letter I just wrote to Cigna. Sorry for the length, but the word needs to get out:


I cannot begin to describe the grief that the incompetence and apathy of your company has caused me. Anecdotal evidence STRONGLY suggests, and the shared experience of EVERY provider I spoken to indicates, that you guys DELIBERATELY delay claims. It's part of your *** business model. You factor in a percentage of people who will just give up after being denied so many times. Let me be clear: I am not one of those people. I pay for your *** insurance with the expectation, crazy as it might sound, that you will keep up your end of the bargain, and I WILL NOT stop until I am reimbursed the money that is due to me.

Here is a not-so-brief history of the fraudulent tactics Cigna has used to delay payment of my claim:

 I submitted 10 dates of service spanning from 10/15/10 to 5/27/11 over two months ago.

 Cigna Delay tactic #1: The claims were rejected because my provider had not included his taxpayer ID #. There is NO REASON for you to require it. I paid him; I'm the one that needs to be reimbursed. Monies he received from me are a matter between him and the IRS. But I acceded to your ridiculous demand, and the taxpayer ID was provided. Your representative assured me that I'd be reimbursed in a matter of days. Except…

 Cigna Delay Tactic #2: The claim was rejected a second time because Cigna claimed that my provider was a member the Value Options Plan. I don't know where the *** you got that one, but it was ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. My provider, Bruce W. Spring, doesn't even take insurance. I insisted on staying on the phone with one of your reps while she called Value Options. A Value Options rep informed her that Bruce Spring WAS NOT a member of the Value Options network.

Everything should be okay, right? Smooth sailing from here on in, huh? I was even given the name and number of a Cigna supervisor – Allen Young; (303-305-0756) – who promised to expedite the matter. He made it sound like he had a whole crew of people tidying up those claims for me, ready to throw them in the mail. Except…

 Cigna Delay Tactic #3: I needed to sign and fax a claim form stating the money was to be paid to me, not the provider – even though it says on the *** statement that the provider has been paid in full and that insurance companies should pay the patient (ME). Okay, fine. I signed. I faxed. But then…

 Cigna Delay Tactic #4: After not hearing from Allan for a while, he finally called me back to tell me that since parts of the statement I submitted were handwritten by the provider, I would have to provide Cigna COPIES OF THE CANCELLED CHECKS I wrote to Dr. Spring. This was no small task, but I sucked it up, downloaded PDFs of 12 checks I'd written and emailed them to him. This was Friday 11/4.

I heard back from Allan yesterday, 11/7, saying that he was still working on it, but had no idea when I'd be paid. We're not talking a couple hundred dollars here. We're talking almost $3500.00 of out-of-pocket expenses. We're talking money I was counting on – money I was promised – to pay bills.

I see all the happy, smiley faces on your website, so it seems that you guys are somewhat concerned with brand image. Let me tell you what images are conjured in my mind when I think of Cigna: a steaming pile of ***, a cancer, raw sewage.

I'm submitting this note to your website, but I'm also submitting my experience to every anti-insurance website I can find. I WILL NOT STOP spreading the word until I am paid in full. You are a problem that needs to be fixed, and I swear to you that I will do my part to make sure it happens.


George Richards

P.S. For those who've had similar experiences and would like to vent, I'm including the Cigna Supervisor's contact information. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd like to share their frustration with him.

Allen Young

(303) 305-0756


Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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They are scamming me in a similiar fashion. Do yourself a favor and do the following:

1) Open a claim with your States AG. They MUST respond to these and it scares the *** out of them.

2) Threaten to sue the AGENT first and then the company. Claim the Agent was so grossly incompetent that their actions were equally culpable for the denial.

3) Sue the company in small claims (if your State allows) its way easier than any big suit.

4) Write to your Congress reps. The insurance lobby is llike the NRA but at least your voice will be heard.

Keep *** with them... it's fun!

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