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I have resubmitted my bills for psychotherapy services three times now. Every time I get told there is a 21 to 30 day wait to get paid. These bills are for services from January of 2011 performed in good faith and sanctioned by the company. I billed a code that I was told would be paid.

My bills are now getting rejected for billing that same code and am told that billing code is antiquated. I feel that this is a purposeful method to delay paying and to keep cash within the company. How can I pay my bills when I am not compensated for fair and reasonable services?

Angry and frustrated here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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Irvine, California, United States #670066

Its not negligent, and our legislator knows they have been doing it for years. That is why they have no license in California to operate those clinics that abused people back in the 1990. You can read what people suffered and fought to correct on pissed consumer here.


Los Angeles, California, United States #668898

I am in disbelief of how negligent this insurance company has historically been. I was trying to advocate for a patient who was checking monthly with cigna on whether coverage was still in place; as her estraged husband may or may not have been paying the premiums.

Cigna representatives contined to tell this patient that her plan appeared active on the system. The parient and her children continued to re eive all medical and mental health care only to find out almost 3 months later that their system was not updated but her plan had termed a few months before.

Now Cigna is washing their hands of any responsibility and is making the patient pay them back all the claims covered for those months their system was not updated. This js going public to the state assembly and board of insurance.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #664191

Posting just to affirm that in 2013 Cigna Behavioral continues their antics. Slow to process.

Nothing online in the name of customer privacy. Seeking every reason to reject a form until there are no remaining faults that they can possibly find.

Anyone in the most dire need of their assistance would not get help because it takes a pretty healthy and tenacious person to get anything through them. I am concerned that they are specifically taking advantage of a vulnerable population.

Camden, New Jersey, United States #609854

I totally understand. I am with Horizon and they just did the same thing to me.

I switched to their zero premium plan, which boosted my co-pay by $10 month. I recently received a notification that they are investigating my need for treatment.

I've been with them for three years since I received Medicare and there has been no problem. All of a sudden, they want to know why I am there and have withheld paying their portion of the office visit.


I think if people went to the board of insurance in their state it would help.


Cigna has denied my outpatient mental health claims several times in a row. I haven't yet found out why.

My therapist is in the network. She prepares her bills to them on a form - '1500' - with great care. She mails them in - but often even after repeat denials for payment - and second round of faxing - they claim they never got them.

Cigna finds a way to deny payment by varied Greased Pig tactics. These consist of: behavioral health division insists the issue is on the medical side, or behavioral health division sends therapist returned claims with computer generated letter informing her she has not entered the patient's address accurately (alas, my name and address is clearly typed, always there in full sight).

No amount of logic in talking with customer service works - they can't find the alleged claims -- Greased Pig tactic wins!!

My therapy involves hour long calls to the CIGNA customer service trying to appeal to anyone to take some accountability.

Last I checked the CEO of this company made well over eight figures. He knows what he is doing right.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Cigna. They just denied treatment that my child's doctors and school officials say she needs in order to be safe and not hurt herself or others. On Thursday, they said I could file an appeal and when I tried to, I was told the treatment facility filed one so I'M NOT ALLOWED TO as that option has been "exhausted." These people are criminals.

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