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I need a medical equipment item. A phone call to CIGNA and YES it is covered, but call CareCentrix to get the equipment.

CareCentrix is "supposed" to find the equipment provider and then put me in contact so I can get it.

CareCentrix asked for an RX, then in addition wanted a letter of medical necessity.

I got the documents from my doctor. Many phone calls later, I was assured they had everything they needed and it was in for priority processing. That was Dec 29.

Now a month later and after leaving many messages and being transferred from person to I started over. The "intake" department looked up my states that "customer" (that's me) should go directly to CIGNA.

Not only did they not tell me that when some lame brain posted that to my account, but they got me to get all this paperwork and waste my doctors time a month ago. NOW I have lost the use of this equipment for over a month. I wonder what will happen when I call CIGNA.

Well, remember, I called CIGNA FIRST, they referred me to CareCentrix. I am in health-no-care ***.


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Seriously these Cigna people we have to do something always its a pain Pain PAIN dealing with them. Even for crutches i have problem withthem .

Why why the *** they are like this.

People we are in USA and this is how we are treated??? I thought here in US patients are given more importance and we can get our rights.


Same here. Very poor poorest service by cigna and carecentrix.

They asked code then medial necessity letter now they want phone call from doctor. Omg still i dint get my crutches. I had my surgey 3 days back. Knee surgery.

Im also a osteoarthritis patient.

Poor cigna .I have dctor prescription all i have still they cant provide me the crutches. God these people are utter waste.


I've had the total runaround with CareCentrix for over a year. Need a POC, Cigna said it would cover it, but can I get anything from CareCentrix?

No. They send me to a vendor who gives me total bull. My oxygen has gotten down to 67. Do I have a POC?

No. Has the need been shown?

Yes. If I die from lack of oxygen, I hope my family sues the *** out of them.


I am dealing with the same thing....did anyone appeal???


Carecentrix wants to pass off some *** home study for sleep apnea rather than the lab study which is better and which my doctor feels that I need. I get my benefits through work, but I learned if I were on welfare I would get the best treatment and these *** at CareCentrix would say nothing.

I think it is time to start dealing with companies like this in the manner the deserve. Of course if they got what they really deserved there would be blood flowing in the streets.


CareCentrix would approve ONLY Total E-Medical for a knee scooter. After 6 calls to Total E-Medical and not being able to reach a live person, I contacted CareCentrix who was immediately able to get someone to answer the phone, not once but twice.

Wonder how that happens? In the meantime, I have absolutely no confidence that I will see a scooter this month or this year so rented one out of pocket today.


Well once again they are at it. I need a walker type of DME so that I can walk on one leg and the scooter takers care of the other leg.

Followed the rules and now 10 days later carecentrix can't find a DME supplier. What a crop of BS.


CIGNA is the lowest rated national ins company. Consumer affairs gave them ONE STAR out of FIVE!

I would NOT believe ANYTHING these people at Cigna tell you. Everything is DESIGNED to delay and confuse people in hopes that you will give up! They intentionally LOSE paperwork so that your claim is delayed and even when it is finally processed they will often lie about what doctors said or what is in your policy. I have seen many people that have tried to get copies of their policies which is federal law to give people I believe and I have yet to see ONE person that received a copy of their policy!

And as far as Phoenix goes I wish Sheriff Joe would lock these folks up and throw away the key, they are downright evil in my opinion!


Carecentrix is ruining my life. I get long term nursing care and they take so much from the allocation, that there is hardly anything left for me, to provide quality care.

I don't know why Cigna works with them.


OMG...I ready to cry. CareCentrix is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

I plan on calling Cigna to complain and tell them to stop using them. Their customer service is pitiful and their knowledge of how insurance companies work is at well below average.

DO NOT EVEN BOTHER CALLING THEM..they are completely useless. :(

@Joey Lynn

you hit the nail on thehead.If there is another company like care cintrix they had better shut down as ther is no business here' no one knows nothing and want even work with Insurance Want tell insurance the cost so it cant get processed.Are there any workers there?


CareCentrix is a complete joke. Cigna needs to drop them.

If the APWU knew how their members were being treated, Cigna would drop CareCentrix. Also...this has nothing to do with OBAMA CARE, CareCentrix has been just a terrible company to deal with both as a patient and as a provider for years prior to Obama even being in office (and I am not defedning him)!


My first in counter with Carecentrex was a bout a specific breast pump I needed (my twins were born at 24 weeks gestation) it took over two months to get this pump my milk was nearly dried up!!!! So thats the 1st traumatizing experience.

Now I have been back and forth with Cigna and Carecentrex (my twins are to be discharged 10/10/12 a few days from now) well after getting the information about their oxygen equipment supplier I call and set up arrangements for delivery. Long story short yesterday they were delivered and all of the equipment is WRONG my girls are on low flow a quarter of a liter they brought me high flow equipment and concentrators. The provider told me the Neo's wrote the script wrong after speaking with the NICU team NO THEY didn't which leads me to believe this vendor is incompetent. Furthermore they are 56 miles away from my home versus Apria which is 33 miles away and has 24-7 tech service.

Then no Apnea monitors as of yet that were to be delivered to the hospital, so I am still stuck without necessary equipment to bring these girls home. I have waited and been through ---- for four months, and now here we go again with the traumatic process of being let down once again by the partner of Cigna. I have called so much since June 2012 I know my member ID number by heart!!!!!!!! I want all of this fixed by end of day tomorrow but I doubt this will occur, because they drag their feet with everything.

My poor husband is in Afghanistan protecting our country, and I can't even get medical equipment to bring our twins home . :cry :(


this is an older post

On FEb 13 a NEW player - TOTAL E Medical- called me ready to ship my medical device. I was suspicous because I knew by now I was denied. Total E admitted they do not have approval of coverage, but are ready to ship; so helpful. Like you, Barney, I would have gotten a bill later! I put it on hold. Looked into it and found out I would have been billed $585 for something I can buy out right for $180!

July 31,2012 The same thing is happening to me medical device the Device only cost 234.99 to buy it out right but I'm getting billed $700.00+ for the device this is "insurance fraud" :(


Carecentrix is billing me for an item I did not receive and I received the same letter threatening to go to collections, hung up by representative once, put on hold for 30 minutes twice when I asked for manager. Great customer service, I will be looking into another provider other than Cigna next year.

@Unhappy Camper

They did the same thing to me.They sent me something I never ordered. Then billed me 182.50 and said if i did not pay they would ruin my credit.


To Carecentrix employee Tempe AZ,

you state: "situations all explaining are incorrect". Really all of us are lying?

My story is true!

It is NOT MY job to learn YOUR job in order to get service from your company!

You have some nerve.

Don't tell us, SHOW us.

I belive CareCentrix is paid by Cigna to save them money (read deny coverage or limit benefits). That is what people in the business have told me.


Cigna pays care centric to save them money yes, care centric just reinforce Cigna policies. Get better insurance coverage


I am an employee of CareCentrix. The situations you are all explaining are very incorrect. The process for the authorization and staffing is this..

A call in from the mdo/patient/hospital, etc to the intake department, they input all of the information into the system. make sure demographics, diagnosis, facility, procedure, dr and what is needed, depending on the services you will need to have questions answered but the dr would need to call it in because it is clinical info we need. when we get the referral, depending on what it is, it goes to exceptions (which is just where they run the insurance, make sure u r still active, get the authorization from the health plan if needed and make sure the item is a covered benefit. just because a request is called in does not mean we will auth it, the patient HAS to have coverage for the item and it cannot be a benefit exclusion on the insurance.) and it goes to my department, which is staffing. my department calls all of the providers in our network in the area that carries the item or provides the service requested. there are some situations that we cannot find a provider to accept the referral due to location, start of care date, no staffing avvailable etc. our process in staffing is to have a call out to the referral source(person that called/faxed in the referral) within 3.5 hrs of receipt into ccx not in our bin. then we call the providers and then call the referral source every 3.5-4hrs with status updates. the patients can call us with questions, concerns etc but make sure you ask for someone in the phoenix office because we have a better understanding and concern for our patients i feel, our other offices are ok but we are the best. we do care about our patients and they are our main concern, numbers and quantity of cases are not our priority. granted we just went through a massive cleansing of our employees and retrained a lot of people etc.. please do not feel like we do not care about your safety, well being or health, that is our number one priority, at least for me it is. and after the referrals are staffed everyone assumes that carecentrix will be the provider and that we will go out to the home or deliver the equipment ourselves, that is not so. as soon as carecentrix staffs the services we call the referral source and/or patient and let them know who it is, what their phone# is and then we close the case. the ONLY times we know about a provider not going out or items not being delivered is when we get a call on it, other than that, our providers are completely separate companies from ccx and all scheduling and deliveries have to go through them. any restaffing comes through carecentrix but again we only know about it if we get a call on it. also, just because a company you see on the internet or on tv says they carry items or provider certain servicesdoes not mean that they are contracted providers, if they are contracted with cigna directly, then they can bill cigna directly and ccx will not be involved. but it would be a better choice to go through a ccx contracted provider just because with our rates, we have better priced equipment and home health visits. for any questions, even if it is just procedural questions or anything like that call us or visit our website. i can assure you that we DO care about our patients 10,000,000,000% and will bend over backwards to help in anyway we possibly can.

as i have said before, please do not feel as if ccx does not care about our patients. that is very much incorrect. our patients health and well being are our number 1 priority.

with the comments posted below, i am so sorry for the service you have received, there is no excuse for getting a run around or transferring a patient more than 1-2 times. when you call ccx i would automatically ask to speak to the staffer that it is assigned to. the staffing agent will be more knowledgable on your situation and the provider information you will need. again, i am very sorry but we do sincerly care about your wellbeing and health.. well, at least i do. i care about all my patients, because i am a patient of carecentrix myself and i know that the way i want to be treated is the way i treat the patients i work on or the people i speak with no matter if i am assigned their case.

@current employee of carecentri

So, I'm in agreement with everyone posting negatively about Care Centrix. If you care so much, let's have your phone number and you can start helping us one by one.

How about that? Post your contact information.

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