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November 6, 2013

Dear Friend,

Is it legal for an disability insurance company cut your short term loss of earnings because you collecting Retirement Social security. In addition, working at the same time.

I recently had a home injury that caused me to go on short-term disability. I filed a claim, as my employer requires They provide me with free short-term disability and loss of earnings insurance for me through CIGNA.

The policy said that I would receive 70% of my total income for the week. I earn approximately $380 per week. This would make my claim approximately $266. They asked if I had any other income. I told them I had no other EARNED income. I did tell them that I am semi retired and working. I am collecting RETIREMENT Social Security of about $250 per week. They told me that amount would need be deducted from the benefit they were paying. Social security has nothing to do with what they were expected to pay. I paid into social security All my life and am collecting what I’m entitled to. This is none of there business. I earned $380 per week and expect the Check of $250

They told me my benefit would be approximately $16.00 per week. Is this fair and correct??? I’m being cheated out of $1000.00 +- per month. The earnings I made at work was paying my Health, Dental & Life Insurance. I need every penny I can get. Who can live on only $16.00 per week and $250 per week Social security. My health benefits alone costs me over $200 per week.

When googling "how to calculate loss of earnings" nowhere does it say that social security retirement is to be deducted from your work earnings. I need to know if this is legal or a scam to cheat a person, of what they are truly owed.

Thank you

Looking forward for answer

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Dental Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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*ALL* group disability policies will have an offsets section and nearly every policy I've reviewed deducts social security retirement. It's income.

doesn't matter if it's earned or not.

Policies offset for court settlements, pensions, and in many cases, vacation/sick pay or other payments. Essentially, if you having other sources of income, this will be deducted.


Depends on your disability policy. It would be mentioned in Offsets section. Each policy is different, so you have to actually read YOURS.


I hate to break it to you, but I manage to live off $181.00 retirement Social Security a week. It can be done.

I don't have a car, I have medicare, and my supplemental insurance is medicaid because I am so low income. Check with your local Social Security Office to see how this works. Disability pay isn't actually the same as earnings. and my guess is that is how the insurance company is looking at it.

Also the fact is if you didn't have this insurance you wouldn't be getting any income at all other than your Social Security. I take it you aren't 65 yet. My suggestion would be to look for cheaper health insurance. I'm sure you can find some less expensive than $800.00 a month.

Until I reached 65 I had absolutely no insurance because I couldn't afford it.

I have no life insurance and when I die the county will have to bury me, as I have no survivors, I have it written down that I won't have funeral or visitation for the distant relatives.

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