Greenville, Florida
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They send you about 20 bills each with different amounts for different procedures not defined in detail. All state your insurance did not cover them.

I resubmitted my claims to my insurance company many time over and each time carecentrix would come up with a reason to cover a small portion but not all until the remaining charges were sent to a collection agency. Never again will I have any medical work done at a facility that uses them.

EVER!! This was the worst experience I have ever had directly in dealing with a third party company that provides services for a dr.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Cigna is the Insurer they Ultimately try to put the blame on someone else, the truth is they are ultimately responsible, this is all a game they plat. First find out from Cigna who regulates Insurance in your state. Contact them and file a written Complaint, then contact your State Representative and ask them for assistance, as this is an outrage, They continue to get away with this because the public/ the Insured lets them

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