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Perry on October 7, 2012 From Culpeper, Virginia, US

My first in counter with Carecentrex was a bout a specific breast pump I needed (my twins were born at 24 weeks gestation) it took over two months to get this pump my milk was nearly dried up!!!! So thats the 1st traumatizing experience. Now I have been back and forth with Cigna and Carecentrex (my twins are to be discharged 10/10/12 a few days from now) well after getting the information about their oxygen equipment supplier I call and set up arrangements for delivery. Long story short yesterday they were delivered and all of the equipment is WRONG my girls are on low flow a quarter of a liter they brought me high flow equipment and concentrators.

The provider told me the Neo's wrote the script wrong after speaking with the NICU team NO THEY didn't which leads me to believe this vendor is incompetent. Furthermore they are 56 miles away from my home versus Apria which is 33 miles away and has 24-7 tech service. Then no Apnea monitors as of yet that were to be delivered to the hospital, so I am still stuck without necessary equipment to bring these girls home. I have waited and been through ---- for four months, and now here we go again with the traumatic process of being let down once again by the partner of Cigna.

I have called so much since June 2012 I know my member ID number by heart!!!!!!!! I want all of this fixed by end of day tomorrow but I doubt this will occur, because they drag their feet with everything.

My poor husband is in Afghanistan protecting our country, and I can't even get medical equipment to bring our twins home .


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to Kansascitykitty #643098
Cigna is NOTORIOUS for screwing people over they are a VERY POOR excuse for a company of ANY kind let alone one that holds people's lives in the balance!

I hope you were finally get all that straightened out...they have made a LIFE LONG enemy with me...and as you can tell I am doing something about it! least while I am still well enough to get on the computer. :?

I have been calling Alpha medical about the oxygen equipment nothing but answering machine!!! Are you serious if I needed more oxygen I wouldn't get it now would I soI left another message!!!!

No result none.... Why do you all choose providers that do not deliver excellent customer service?

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