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My husband, as of 2014 did not qualify for Part D prescription coverage, his disability payments were too high they said, and we could not afford the premiums for Part D coverage so we DECLINED PART D COVERAGE AT THAT TIME! Then at some point in 2015 he was automatically enrolled in Cigna insurance - with out our knowledge.

We did not receive any paperwork regarding the enrollment, nor did he receive any benefits for the enrollment. Then in Jan of 2016 we receive a bill for their insurance and I called them right away to find out what was going on and was informed of the auto enrollment and that the premium was now his responsibility. If we wanted to CXL we would have to go through Medicare. I spent 2 days over 4-5 hours on the phone (mostly on hold) trying to get to the bottom of this and in the end I was told that because we did not contact them before the bill was sent out we would be responsible.

I then reminded them that we had already DECLINED IN 2014 and why did that not qualify when our financial situation had not improved - they just kept repeating the same thing and did not acknowledge what I had just said. Cignas response was 'he was enrolled for 2015 and even though we did not know about it, the bill was still our responsibility.' I have gotten 1 apology after another and a 'i am sorry but their is nothing we can do.' The bill is not that high and they would not even notice - but it might as well be $1000 to us. I would not use this company, if we could afford them, if they were the last company on the planet!


Product or Service Mentioned: Medicare Part D Health Plan.

Reason of review: BILLING ISSUES.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Cigna Cons: Deceitful business practices.

  • Billing Issues
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Cigna doesn't even offer Medicare Part D. Now, per the government, at age 65, everyone automatically gets Medicare Part B. And that's going to happen at any health insurance company.

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