Wheat Ridge, Colorado

I received the most vague bill I've ever seen from my health insurance company. (my copay for a doctors visit is $10.

30 for a specialist) $162 - "This is the portion of your bill that's not covered by your CIGNA plan. You may or may not need to pay this amount. See notes section" Said "notes" section then says my insurance covered NOTHING. Please bear in mind, this is the doctor I went to who was referred to me by the CIGNA REPRESENTATIVE I CALLED WHEN FINDING A DOCTOR WHEN I FIRST GOT MY CARD.

I called CIGNA, at which point I was told the doctor I saw in the facility I was referred to (the same address of my mystery primary care physician, by the way) was not my primary care physician. So. I'm being billed. I went to the doctor I was told to go to by my insurance company, then was billed because I apparently was sent to a different doctor at the same address in the same practice.

Apparently a doctor in the same practice in the same building that I thought was my PCP is "out of my network".

Congratulations CIGNA. I am now going to take every single bit of this spite to *** and whine and moan and *** and scream pure hatred about your service through every media outlet I can find until you WAIVE MY *** BILL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $162.

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This is a Colorado scam! Was it UCHealth aka University of Colorado Physicians?

Cigna and a CU dermatologist did the exact same thing to my husband, he called and they said yes, go there, you're covered. The dermatologist did a skin patch test after they had his Cigna card and they told him it was in network. He just got served papers to appear in civil court for $3800, and thanks to Colorado SB 17-216, all the debt buyer has to do is show the original account number, the amount, and the original medical provider and the debt is presumed to be valid.

Oh, and Colorado just Sunset-ed the Collection Agency Review Board. Our elected officials are complete ***


They gave you the doctor's name you were to see. You didn't question it when a doctor by a different name showed up????


Hi lady scot,

They do this stuff to people all the time...and rely on people not remembering things. More than likely that WAS the Dr she was referred to..have seen MANY complkaints of people saying the Dr the were told WAS in NETWORK...all of a sudden is NOT! It is more of their criminal bs in my opinion...just like how they screw a lot of us that have worked very hard with lots of overtime all our lives when we get sick and have to have disability...in my opinion t5hey are the biggest bunch of dirtbags around!

They will LIE about what is in Dr's notes and HIDE information favorable to your claims...they do it all the time to people to screw them and make TONS of money for Cigna..it is just the way they do business and WRONGFULLY deny their customers the care they PAID FOR! I will be forced to take them to court myself...and if they come here with that LetUsHelpU@cigna.com crud..it is a WASTE of time..it is designed to delay and confuse people and tell them they are wrong and Cigna does NOt have to pay on their claims...a totally ROTTEN company in my opinion!

No offense to you of course..you were just making an innocent comment..my anger and disgust is directed solely at Cigna. They do NOT care if people can't eat, pay bills, pay child support or even afford more medical care they need..and it is NOT just because things are NOT in their policies..they will have NURSES that NEVER HAVE EVEN SEEN YOU override what your DOCTORS have said and employer too telling you there is NO reason you can't work and you could be a door greeter at WalMart..they are TRULY REPREHENSABLE AND DISGUSTING THUGS! :(

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