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My husband and I started on Cigna insurance in September. The day after I went to the eye Dr, we got a call saying I was dropped from the insurance.

The reasoning they gave us was they accidentally sent some paperwork we needed to complete to our previous address in Iowa. Well, I'm not quite sure how they got that address in the first place since we never had insurance there. Now it is the end of December and I am still trying to get back on the plan. Cigna told us we had to fill some paperwork out, so we did...and still nothing.

My husband had called atleast 5 times, and they always said it hasn't been approved yet.

He called again the other day, and they now told him he has to go through his company and have them call the insurance company. From reading most of these comments, one would think that Cigna would get the point...that they're a terrible company and they only screw people over.

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we don't care your on your own. republican national committee


They are telling my wife and I that since she is on bedrest for a high risk pregnancy they are dropping her insurance. I haven't called yet, but I'm not above driving/flying to cigna hq and raising help personally if this can't be resolved.

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