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Cigna, you should be ashame of how you conduct business. My sister nearly had a nervous breakdown.

Her doctor has sent in medical notes numerous times, but guess what, Cigna has no record. She has no received no check since the beginning of January and it is now May!Her case manager has been changed numerous times without notice. My sister can't get her meds on a regular basis and suffers from sever depression. She needs her disability pay in order to get proper treatment.

Cigna needs to be sued and it seems as if a class action law suite would be fine.

My prayer is that God destoys this company.

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Cigna does their very best not to pay claims. If Social Security says you are disabled, then you must NOT be.

And keep in mind that Social Security takes 2-3 years to determine whether you are disabled. Let's delay your monthly payment so you get to pay the BANKS overdraft fees and late fees to your landlord. YOU must have money somewhere and MUST not be trying hard enough to work even though you have a brain and spinal injury. DO these employees at Cigna sleep at night???

Must get paid big bucks to be nasty???

I think there needs to be a song written to express this. Maybe we need to contact the singer - songwriter who had his guitar destroyed by United Airlines??????


We are interested in talking to Cigna employee deprived of meals and breaks and overtime pay whether you think you are exempt/salaried or not you may qualify.



Cigna did this to my family : My family has fought for 14 years for justice there does not seem to be any justice in the State of California:

I am the daughter of Jo Joshua Godfrey,

This is my story that I wrote to legislators when I was 14 years old. No 14 year old American should have ever had to live through this, and I am going to share it with you..

I am 14 years old and I am a victim of medical malpractice. I am writing to the Congress and the Senate because you need to help the victims of medical malpractice. I was ill, my head hurt and my mom took me to the doctor. I had frequent nose bleeds and bad headaches. I think this started in the end of 1992 or early 1993.

They said I was okay, and I remember one doctor was so mean to my mom and me; she didn’t even want to talk about it. She said it was all in my head, that I was okay. 1993 and 1994 were not good years in my life. I was unhappy. My mom was always sick, always in bed coughing, always going to CIGNA getting medicine, always too tired. My mom was not the same mom any more; my head hurt on and off, and I tired not to bother my mom as I could see how ill she was. She was always depressed, always crying, and always moody and coughing. I would yell at her to shut up at night and she kept us all awake, now I feel bad.

In February 1994, I was depressed, my head was hurting, and I took pills from the medicine cabinet, it wasn’t the first time I did this, but my mom was sick she didn’t even notice. Each time I took more and one day my mom came in to wake me up and I wouldn’t get up, I was too tired. My mom said that’s it, get dressed; we are going to CIGNA right away. I went there and CIGNA doctors saw me. They sent me to a mental health place and neither of these two places even knew what I had done. My mom walked me about and I told her what I ad done.

Later that day she said how could she live if I died. My mom cried because she was so tired she blamed herself because she

wasn’t doing enough. I made my mom a promise not to do this again.

My mom called CIGNA and got upset about how they failed to see I had tried to kill myself, asking them what kind of doctors they were. My mom screamed so much they agreed to give me a complete physical. At the physical in early March, we complained so much about my head they agreed to do scans of my head. This went on for about two and a half months, one scan after another, and finally the doctor said I needed to have my sinus washed out, that was in the end of May. My mom asked if this was urgent, did it need to be done right away, the doctor answered it was not urgent. My mom said we would have it done in the summer vacation.

From May to August, my mom got very ill. She went to the doctor and they put her on disability for 6 weeks. In the middle of July, I had a dream that my mom had lung cancer and she was going to die.

My mom got very upset when I told her this. By the beginning of August, my mom sent me to Ireland for one month to visit my grandparents. When I came back from Ireland in the end of August, our home was in an uproar, for 2 weeks CIGNA had refused to give my mom all her x-rays telling her they were lost. She had just got them and it showed she had the lung cancer for almost 2 years. My mom had an operation and 20% of her lung was removed. She had a carcinoid tumor. When my mom was in the hospital, the surgeon told my step-dad he was not well either. It ended up that CIGNA refused to release my step-dad’s records for 2 weeks. When they went to an outside doctor, CIGNA had been treating him for asthma; he really has a very advanced case of COPD and had something on his left lung like my mom had.

We went and got the records for all our family. When we saw mine, and we went to an outside doctor, after going outside doctors I know now what the difference is between a real doctor and a CIGNA doctor is, and I hope maybe one day I’ll get to tell you all about that.

I had a problem where the bone was being destroyed, where the bone was pushing through the orbit, and the doctor said my eye would have been pushed out. I had my surgery at Cedar-Sinai.

1995 is not much better that 1993 as there seems to be no justice for all these things that CIGNA did to us. We want to get the laws changed so no one will ever have to suffer like this again. CIGNA abuses our family to this very day. They make my mom cry for hours and I hope you will let me tell you all about this too. CIGNA should also know if my parents die, where will I go, and what will happen to my brother and sisters? I’m an American, and when I grow up, I don’t want to live here. I want to move to where people are good and kind. I’ll move to Ireland.

Now I am 28 Years old. However it is pretty sad that any family would have had to suffer this way, and these crooks and swindlers escaped punishment in the State of California.



why? have you followewd the money trails tro the profeesors at ucla to the county of la the the state of california health insurance benifits progrmas they offer to the city of santa monica police deparement and see what benifts they offfer in southern california and you will find out its about cigna and possbilily kaiser and ambey a blue crosss paln but that may be too expensive for alot of the empof the emolyees and what due you think largerstemployer in glendlale is cigna and what benfit due you think thye give it emploees?

cigna and what hAPPPENS TO THEM IF ththey get sick depresssed or thw price of their medciastion goes up they get fired.

they even made dirty deals with eeeoc and fhouosing and unemplomenement and califonia to not represent a cigna client vs not reprenting county employee who wrongfullly gets . about paying you back then its ayet, while cigna doesn't care about ethics care their patient falseadvertizing i hope as many peeople start wrting leetters tot heri congrees people asking because its public record opf every campaign contribution tthye receivved and i woulds wantto know up front if a judge is ruling on a case in which heor sh got apponiented or which she or he is a receipteent or cigna helkped that judge gett to office because then its a conflict of interest


unethical bribes the federal gov

oerment and if you follow your elected offfiacls campaign trail and then see who the federal goverement uses as insurance carrieres for its employees , from the judges, to the enforcers, investigaters, commsioners, state agencies, whatt hey offerits employee health insurance and auto mo bile policies to its state investigaters you might actaully follow the money trail and see the injustice and who runs this country and why cigna gets away with murder in the murder degree

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