I called 8/2011 and was told by the rep that they need to send a letter to the dentist re my daughter's surgery. I was told the same on 9/9/2011.

On 10/10 and 11/2 I was told that the insurance didn't receive all docs from the dentist although the dentist told me they did sent everything needed to process the claim. On 10/19 I got a rejection letter due to lack of documents. When I called on 10/25 I was told that they didn't receive all documents. I called the dental office and they assured me they sent everything three times.

I called Signa on 11/2 and was surprised to hear that they were able to 'find' all the needed documents. A supervisor confirmed that findings on 11/29 (because I asked to speak to a supervisor after a rep claimed the insurance didn't have the documents yet again), however, on 11/30 I got another rejection letter. I called again 12/27 and was told that all the docs are in and that I will be getting a call.

I am still waiting!!!!!

Any idea when I will hear from you or better yet get some of the money back?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Dental Insurance.

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Going to share my opinion with you!

CIGNA is a notorious bunch of crooks!

The DO receive your faxes! They just LIE to you! HOW will you

PROVE them wrong???

THAT is EXACTLY what they count on! Have any faxes with delivery receipts AND all mail by certified mail. Record ANY telephone conversations and make sure and get delivery receipts on all emails and SAVE the emails!

YOU are NOT dealing with normal business here! They run their company like the old Mafioso without the hitmen and beatings! The will lie cheat and steal to save a buck for their beloved Cigna and in return get bonuses and stroking!

I am actually surprised the LetUsHelpU@Cigna.com CLOWN POSSE has not stopped by here to tell you how much they want to TRY to help. It is a PR campaign where people are PAID to troll complaints about Cigna and make it look like they actually give a flip...ONE dirty company !


I do feel what you feel. The same incident happened to me.

I filed a claim for my son's hospitalization last October but CIGNA told me they didn't received anything.

I sent it by fax 3x and they i sent them the original via mail but they kept telling me they haven't received anything and the worst part is that I couldn't ask for invoice from the hospital and the invoices from the medicines. At present I am asking them to reissue my claims but they keep delaying it.

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